Suggestions needed for my biz opp offer :-)

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Hey warriors,

I was just chatting with my copywriter about getting my product ready for the CPA networks.

We're trying to find things that are already working, so we can model and improve on them. Any suggestions, tips, words of warning?

We want to be able to pay affs $100+ per sale.

Thanks in advance,

~ Robert
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    I'd suggest signing up for 1-2 networks as an affiliate and look at all the offers that they have. No better place then to check the source

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    My advice would be to try and think outside of the box completely.

    One criticism I have a lot of the time is that offers never seem to try anything new. Remember tried and tested is no good if it results in a see and ignore because people are blind to it.

    Try and mix it up a bit, have blurb that grabs, don't concentrate sole on the same old marketing blurb and spin.
    Theres no fluff, no wool, no jargon, just simple, honest money making!

    Fast approvals, weekly payouts, 2000+ high paying offers, cutting edge tools.
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    Check out the Biz Opps offers in Offervault by using their search function. The best offers should be listed in the first few results. You can also use some spy tools especially in PPV and find out which offers are running. PPV can be expensive and affilitaes would not run an offer if it is not profitable.

    You can also use this link to check which offers are running on Adwords:

    Google Adsense Sandbox Preview Tool with Text, Image and Video Ads - Leaderboard, Skyscraper, Rectangle and Square formats

    Do the same for Facebook, if you have your niche listed as one of your interests in any of your accounts there is bound to ads running pertaining to that niche.
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