Using CPA Offers On FB Apps

by MayraN
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Does anybody have an idea as to what CPA Networks would allow to promote their offers on FB thru the implementation of apps?

I have no idea where to start...


Feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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    ask your AM! what type of offers are you trying to promote?
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    The apps canvas requires you to iframe everything, and most advertisers/networks don't allow offers to be iframed. But... if you let them know what you're doing and the advertiser knows what you're doing, exceptions can be made.

    A lot of advertisers don't accept social traffic in general, so best to check with your affiliate manager if you have some offers/categories in mind.
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      Most Network won't even Care about that.
      But read their TOS.
      Also you can easily eMail them or ask them, i am sure they will be more than Glad to assist you.
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    Already tried emailing Peerfly about allowing any of their offers to be developed around an app.

    I just bought that WSO FBappsystem. I was just wondering cause I don't think any CPA network would allow this. I guess I'm just going to post the question in the FBappsystem forum.

    Thanks guys,
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    I know that maxbounty and peerfly don't allow this type of traffic. A lot of app traffic is considered spam to the markets.
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    I'd say that most networks if not all will allow this, but it will vary offer by offer, your best bet is to speak with your am if you're not sure
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    What type of offers are you promoting? PM me, I have some offers that allow app traffic, but it all depends on the offer/vertical.
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    I would say as long as the offer is open to 'social media' traffic, you should be ok. If traffic ever comes to question, explain that you are not iframing the offer itself, but you are using a facebook ads app to display the ads.
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    It will vary network to network, offer to offer. FB App inventory still qualifies for FB's ad guidelines so make sure you don't violate those or you may run the risk of not getting paid.
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    We allow FB traffic via apps on a number of offers and can advise you on which ones are suitable and which are not.
    Theres no fluff, no wool, no jargon, just simple, honest money making!

    Fast approvals, weekly payouts, 2000+ high paying offers, cutting edge tools.
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    We definitely have no issues with that and appreciate app traffic.

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