can you make money with CPA offers and Twitter????

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Hey guys.. i am pretty new to internet marketing.. and i have a twitter profile with over 10,000 followers.. i know i can use this to make money and i was looking for ideas from the Warriors here that are far more experienced than I. I have a main idea using landing pages and CPA offers.. any thoughts? thanks for all your input guys.
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    10k followers is good amount but are they from usa? are they following you on certain niche?

    those are important. This will allow you to fit nice offer to them. also before you promote any offer on twitter, ask Your AM because some network are not twitter friendly.

    all the best
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    you can help others to publish products information using your twitter, and people who are interested in the products may retweet it. You can charge fee according to the retweet count.
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    Peerfly personally do not allow twitter traffic for CPA offer.

    I'm not sure for others.
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        I tried Twitter..... didnt get any leads. Even though they allow it i doubt it hits the target market
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          Originally Posted by polishprancer View Post

          I tried Twitter..... didnt get any leads. Even though they allow it i doubt it hits the target market
          If your twitter followers are not targeted for a particular niche then you will not get any lead from them. So, make a niche targeted group and then start promoting any offer.
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    Many cpa networks don't allow twitter. Ask your AM before promoting
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  • Take it from me...

    Twitter is a goldmine if you use it right! Trust me! Its not about the amount of followers you have its about the automation process. If you look to spammy then you would possibly get some conversions but very low.

    Now if you have a good automation process with your twitter campaign then you could make bank. Say you started out with a new account and in 1 week you got 10k followers I could expect 100-1,000 sign ups on a zip submit IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT AUTOMATION PROCESS IN PLACE!

    Let me say that it doesn't happen right away, test the offer and target the followers. Anything is possible if you put in the time and effort.
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    Make Money in Twitter to Use user-name Follow, Following and re-twitter. There are basically make more friends online and share your business.
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    thanks for all the advice guys! i really appreciate all the info.
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    Be careful and make sure that your cpa offer accepts twitter traffic, a lot of advertisers frown upon it because it converts lousy on backend.
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    twitter traffic is pretty crappy. If you did promote there, it'd be a fact of seeing if the advertiser is accepting the leads.

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      Twitter traffic is most valuable when you have a lot of users interested in a particular niche and you can sell to them. It's not necessarily about number of followers, it's about quality.
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