Trade Remarketing Pixels

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Has anyone had success trading remarketing pixels with a JV?

In other words, in addition to tagging my visitors for remarketing, I'd allow another real estate site to place their remarketing pixel on my site pages as well. They would do the same for me.

Sounds pretty straightforward - but what if the sites don't have the same amount of traffic - that wouldn't be fair to the high-traffic site, correct?

How could it be made fair.

I was thinking:

1. The JV partner gives me his ad copy, I create a second remarketing campaign, and run his retargeting ad alongside mine and get affiliate commission on his stuff. I pay for the ad. He reciprocates. That's really just a sort of conventional affilliate situation though.


2. We somehow track which leads came to me from his retargeting pixel and vice versa, and even the score somehow if those numbers are way out of whack. Not sure how.

Any suggestions?
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