How To Choose the right Affiliate Network

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Hey Warriors,
So i just joined this forum and i think its great, but i am reading tons of posts that say that have bad experience with networks, Even though I am an Affiliate Manger and Business Development, i came from the affiliate/publisher world, So i clearly know the pitfalls of choosing the wrong network so figured i would take some time out my day to list some key points in choosing what network to run traffic for.

1.Do your research on the network and don't just sign up,
-to many times young affiliates get so excited to join a network and don't take the time to find out how transparent the network is do the pay on time, or do they miss payouts, How good the reputation is, and how good the affiliate manger are there, they will be who you work with, trust me there are thousands of affiliates and forums that you can reach out to and ask question's about a network your interested in.

2.Once you find the network, and apply, make sure they want to call you, Although most affiliates hate the phone, its important, one it shows the network takes the time to only approve affiliates they have talked to and have been shown a bit of trustworthiness , but two it allows the affiliate manger to begin to build a relationship with you. Its important your Affiliate manger knows your strengthens and weakness, what offers you like and ones you dont. They are you main contact at the networks and who you need to rely on for information.

3. Make sure all the pay terms are laid out for you clearly, all to many times affiliates don't understand the way they get paid or the pay periods, Thus resulting in miss-communication and usually leading to affiliates not trusting their network or thinking they wont get paid. I always tell my affiliates if you start this date you get paid this date and send them documentation so we both have for our records.

4. Make sure your Affiliate Manger is on his A game, nothing is worse then being with a network, and never being able to get a hold of your Affiliate manger, I think they should take no longer then 5hrs max during any business day and 24 hrs on the weekend to me this is a lifestyle not a job, and i always give my affiliates a cell number to text in case they are waiting approval for offers or need links sent to them, Affiliate mangers should make your job as an affiliate as easy as possible, because driving traffic is the touch part.

Although there is 100 more questions to ask before choosing a network i think these 4 our the 4 biggest concerns affiliates have and the 4 biggest issues with affiliates choosing networks. Feel free to Reach out to me here, with any questions, and i can do my best to point you in the right direction.
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