MSN Adcenter anyone ?

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After throwing lot of money on 7search , I think its time to change my traffic source ....

anyone here using MSN adcenter ?

please share your experience with us

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    I have used them in the past but now i am focusing on media buying.

    The problem with Adcenter is;
    You cant direct link to your offer like 7SEARCH.
    You can not use a simple landing page.You have to provide good content.
    You have to bid on more general keywords than long tail keywords.Traffic is limited comparing to Adwords with long tail keywords.

    But if you set up your campaign right It is definitely a good place to buy traffic.
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    Adcenter conversion is better than adwords. If you are from US u can PM me. I know someone selling $525 coupon at $100 only. So u can test it using the $525. Good Luck!
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