Promoting CPA offers with quick videos - is it still the numbers game?

by Velant
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I've learnt that some experienced IMs used to effectively promote CPA offers and make quite considerable income with quick videos (animoto style). And what's more - those videos submitted to youtube etc. keep making them money for a long, long time. However, that info might be outdated.

So my question to seasoned CPA marketers - do you find this method of traffic generation still effective these days and if you do - what share (in %) of your other traffic generation methods for CPA this method occupies?

thank you
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    I'm not using that kind of traffic, but I'm always hearing success stories using video marketing.

    I believe it's still effective and it does work.

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    Thanks for the feedback, Jetmir. I appreciate that video marketing is still powerful, however I heard that the quality of videos is not as important as the quanity, and one may thrive with 1000's of quick (<1 min) animoto kind of videos that can be literally created in a few minutes per video. Does this approach still works well for CPA?
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    I'm using free traffic not in video marketing but somewhat similar to it.

    Great thing is zero cost, bad thing is the progress of research, you will need to think harder harder and even harder to go forward to next step.

    But the wonderful thing is that conversion rate may as high as 100%, and avg in 7%(daily). Somehow they are free traffic, they will stick there for life.
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    Though, not quite sure what you meant by
    Originally Posted by Mr Lim View Post

    bad thing is the progress of research, you will need to think harder harder and even harder to go forward to next step.
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    Email and zip submits work with videos on Youtube. However the quality of videos is important otherwise either no one will click on your link or the videos will be taken down. You may also need multiple accounts since uploading 1000s of videos from one account may not be possible on Youtube.
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      thanks for sharing
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    I think Video marketing is the best way to promote email/zip submit offers. Do the proper keyword research and create videos according to that keyword. Youtube is not the only video sharing site ( i know it is the big one ), you can upload your video to other sharing sites to get more traffic.

    Make sure do some backlinking to video url's, in days you will get traffic for free.

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    If you are serious I really suggest to go with paid traffic. Sweating hours to make and put out there some videos, hoping one of them will catch and start sending some traffic on daily basis is just wrong way of working.

    Trust me - I was in article marketing for years and I was making 1000$-2000$ a month from clickbank. But it's just not worth the time and the energy unless you live in a country where 2000$ a months can replace your dayjob. You can work 8 hours a day making and uploading videos for some offer that can expire in 2 days, or you can spend few hours (including research) on making a PPC or PPV campaign and on the same day to know where it's going and scale it up quickly when you find something that works for you.
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    Video marketing still works for me, and I still made some money there on autopilot. Make sure that your niche is something that people really want or what are they looking for right now, and keyword research/SEO is also a big part of this. I don't think it's necessary for us to create hundreds or endless amounts of videos just to get more traffic.

    As long the video is in good quality with proper tags and some SEO, you will get a lot of traffic and leads.

    Hope you may find this helpful. Cheers!!!!

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    If you are a small publisher, This traffic is not use full for you.
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    I would not use it for CPA, its too short term(CPA) The offers end too quickly
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    specializing in SmartPhones , Internet security, high tech gadgets, search engines, tech shows, digital cameras.

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