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When the Arbitrage Conspiracy report came out those guys were claiming they were making piles of money without a product or even a website. Yet everywhere I look at CPA info I'm told I need to be able to create landing pages. So, my the Offers themselves supply landing pages in some cases? Or is it 100% on me to create landing pages. This is my only downfall. I don't have time nor expertise to build landing pages.

I'm really good w/ Adwords and can always get good CTR, high QS, and great converting ads. But w/ the competition for direct linking, I REALLY want to do CPA. Haven't signed up for ppc-coach because his FAQ's say that you NEED to know html and how to build a landing page.

So my pressing question is..."do I really need to know how to build landing pages to have some success with CPA, or will the offer merchants supply landing pages?"

Oh, and if they don't supply landing pages, why did the AC report claim they were making all that money without a website? Where did the website come from?
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    The answer is yes, sometimes they supply a landing page, click on the various names around the place until it opens. Like the last post says, most of the time your job is to get someones attention with a bit of a sell and then get them to click on a link on your page, whcih takes them to the sellers landing page.
    You can also see this in action by clicking on the offer itself to see where customers go.

    btw, I really suck at what you're good at, care to swap a few hints and tips?
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    Just in case that wasn't clear, the sellers landing page is the squeeze page you're asking about.
    Here's a tip, if the sellers landing page doesn't conform to the standards that make a good landing page, then if you're promoting it, you've got an uphill battle. Instead choose a seller with a well designed landing page that scoops up customers, make life easier for yourself. Unknown to many there are a few simple rules about getting landers to work well, and even big companies don't apply them consistently.
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    For year 2006 it was google cash for everyone can do direct linking and doesnt need to know about html.

    However after google slap was getting alive, chances to make money via direct linking were hopeless.

    To realize your chances I'd recommend you to know basic html; believe me it is not hard. The reason is at least you have advantage to overcome the competition problem. Adwords only accept a unique URL for direct linking and it is impossible to reach profit easily if you stick to direct linking.

    Another solution is to pay freelancer to build your landing pages. But you still need to know basic of html if you want to edit the coding, change template or whatsoever.
    These all about ppc method.

    But some IM claimed they were making money without website. This probably another business model not ppc.
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    You can iframe the merchants lander to test profitability. But you´ll need to know some html basics to really scale and solidify your campaign. Mainly to avoid getting slapped around.

    “It’s only after you’ve lost everything, that you’re free to do anything.”

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    i agree learning html is not hard, its fairly simple its just hard to remember the rules, but like with everything the more you use it the better you get at it.
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    thanks for all the tips everyone. So it's clear I need to learn html. I do know a little bit. I can build a small 3 page website, but the design will not be great because I'm not creative like that. I'm analytical which is why I do well w/ adwords management. Sounds like I should outsource web page creation, huh?
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    I knew basically NOTHING about HTML, PHP, Dreamweaver HTML editor, Adore Photoshop CS3, webpage design, hosting, domain registration, FTP, PPC, SEO, PPV, etc. when I first started out online. Now I know how to use all these tools & skills for making me money

    One at a time, just learn it, man.

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    I agree with the posters above also. Learning html is really easy, but if you still don't want to mess with it, just create a wordpress blog. With wordpress, you only have a few things to learn. Install wordpress with fantastico. Change the them. change the permalinks. And write your landing page. After doing it a few times, you should be able to get one installed in minutes.
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    Since I started doing PPC last week, I've sent traffic directly to the product landing page, without a page of my own. And I've had conversions, and I've been profitable.

    So you don't need a landing page of your own. Not necessary.

    But I think the key is that when you're doing CPA marketing, you don't want to just do PPC. You need to mix it up - write articles, write comments of niche-related blogs, social bookmarking, Facebook. Traffic is traffic, as long as people are getting to your link then you're solid.
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