Bizopps, And a ton on money that comes with them

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Hey Warriors,
So over the last 2 months i have watched my affiliates at Double Play Media, just crush bizopps, PPV, email and social are the traffic sources my guys have been using to make Bank, If bizopps is not your mail vertical think about testing some out, with the right targeting and traffic, you will see major rev come in off these. I also noticed the video landers compared to the old style blogs have taken over in a fierce way. Consider cross testing these to see for yourself.
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    "A ton of money that comes with them..." along with many potential headaches if you dont run the right offers from the right advertisers.

    I dont have to shed any light on the the FTC making its rounds and clamping down on "shady offers," those that operate the, those that run them, ETC...

    I'm not saying stay away from the niche but if you decide to run this niche, make sure you do your due dilligence and verify the legitmacy of the product being offered to consumers, the customer service, the claims being made on the LP, ETC...

    Not trying to hijack your thread but just adding my opinion about the niche.
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      Hey Acquinity,
      Actually thanks for adding that because it is a big issue, i guess the reason i did not motion it myself, being i work for a network we take nothing but the most direct of advertisers and with that being said we only work with advertiser that are 100% transparent and follow all the laws regarding the new bizopps regulations, So thanks for adding the tip due to it being an important issue in this vertical.
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    Absolutely - I wish you continued success running your current offers. I'm sure you sleep easier at night knowing you're working with top notch advertisers, i know i would.
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    This poster was banned?
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    Good luck promoting bizopps offers. If you can find LEGIT bizopps offer, please send me an email.
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      Originally Posted by Troy8547 View Post

      Pls tell how did you know. This is for fb ads on fb network correct?
      STOP spamming with the same replies IDIOT
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    nice one mann...
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