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Hello Warriors,

I am sorry to open this conversation again, but seems like there is still some people falling for such scams and that could result in closing their accounts for good and losing their hard earning commission.

I had to deal with one of this guys myself to see how the process goes with this services since many of my friends was seeing it as a great opportunity.

Some free lancers promising people to double their earnings.

So how it goes:

1st sign: that telling you it's a SCAM: Service providers promise to give you double the amount you want to spend with leads generated for your campaigns. So lets say I give him $100 and he get me $200 to my CPA account. ( no split testing, no optimizing no S**t )

2nd sign: You will have to pay them upfront, no paypal, alertpay or and other methods. Western Union is your best friend in this case. ( Forget your money after sending them)

3rd sign: They will ask you for a clean affiliate link taken directly from your CPA network. No tracking BS. ( God only knows where the link will land).

4th sign: They will ask you for your CPA account login details to keep controlling the leads and stop the ads before they go over $200 in leads. :rolleyes: or for screenshots for every 30 min.

5th sign: You can't know where the leads comes from

So Please stay away and don't fall for such trap. It's SCAM

Your affiliate link and affiliate ID is your very own responsibility.
If you know that your links been shared in wrong places then make sure to talk to your AM and they will help you block that traffic source reaching your offers. All AM's here are supportive and nice people.

I know it's struggling sometimes but you can get over that hole soon. Just work harder and harder to achieve your goals and be there you want to be.

Here is another post from a great CPA network directly about same matter.

To Your Success
Mahmoud Selman
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    Oh this is just exactly how my friend got his account ban.
    He was greedy and tried an Indian from freelancers.
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      Originally Posted by Mr Lim View Post

      Oh this is just exactly how my friend got his account ban.
      He was greedy and tried an Indian from freelancers.
      Are you sure he is greedy or just inexperience?

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      • Profile picture of the author Naveen K
        Excellent post bro.

        Originally Posted by knocksense View Post

        Are you sure he is greedy or just inexperience?
        I would say it is just a case of inexperience. A person who had tried to get leads for the cpa offers before would know how much effort and money they need to put to earn good income from this. Only the person who doesn't know this will fall into the pits like this.

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    cudnt agree anymore these guys fill the leads manually which is against the TOS
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    Good post bud. Couldn't agree more. Don't use this kind of service unless you want to risk getting your CPA network accounts banned.
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    Awesome post Mahmoud

    We've all seen and heard of hiring freelancers to fill in CPA offers for you, it's a big NO NO, not only is it completely unethical but it is also illegal and it is your name and information that is going to be cracked down upon.

    Best case scenario is that you make a litlle bit of money, none of your leads convert on the back end for the advertisers arousing suspicion, you are caught and banned from that network (an every other network as they talk)
    Therefore cutting off a massive way to earn money online.

    Worst case scenario (depending on the level of fraud) you are prosecuted.

    Neither of these is a win/win for you, the network or the advertiser in the long run.

    Start thinking long term, about CPA and IM as a business.


    also just noticed my name in your sig, thanks for the shout out

    Everything you need to know about making money with CPA!!

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    I have experienced this twice in my early CPA career. Because of these lead services, it cost my beloved Peerfly account to get banned for life even if it's my first attempt. In my second attempt by using Adscendmedia (thought that this is good for incentive offers), it's actually not. I got suspended and got reinstated a few days. A lesson learned for me.

    I'm now avoiding Freelancer when it comes to CPA leads. They gave us nothing but fraudulent leads.

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  • Profile picture of the author Samrath Gupta
    Great Post Mahmoud!

    This post is SOLID with no doubts!

    Its all about using your common sense, I some freelancer promises you to pay him $100 and He'll make you $200 then Have you ever thought that Why he Himself registers for a CPA network account and become a Millionaire overnight ?

    Definitely If he can provide you such legit leads then why he is depending on you? He can do it all himself and make money


    The money you spend on buying stupid leads... Better invest that money on some good WSO, EBook, or Join any good forum Like IMgrind,etc...

    They'll teach you how to make money fro CPA life long not just for 1-2 days !

    Rest is all your choice! SLAY or get SLAYED!!

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