Advice needed: Buying traffic,ppc,banners etc

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Hi, I have always tried to stick to SEO and (so called) free traffic.
Of course it's not really free since you either have to spend time and or money working or outsourcing the seo work.

with all of the crazy google updates going on every 5 mins I am wanting a more stable traffic source.
Can anyone advise me about buying traffic. My goal is targeted, permission based traffic - ie adwords where people click because they are actually looking for something in particular as opposed to forced traffic which comes from ad network popup traffic where the visitors are un targeted and probably not specifically looking for what's on offer.

facebook ppc
linkedin ppc
banners from google, yahoo, bing etc

that's it - that's all I got: has anyone got or had success with any of these or any other methods that I could have a crack at?

thanks heaps for any answers you might have.

p.s. this is both for my own products and for affiliate products fyi
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