Google Account Disabled, did Adsense Account get disabled too?

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Dear warriors,

Yesterday I have my google account (not adsense account) disabled, the reason is because my blogger account detected as spammy, my blogspots were spammy, and google disabled my account. Logged into my Adsense account, but it appeared as "Your Account is Disabled" (because my blogger account and adsense account are in same google id/email) -> this is not adsense account disabled, but the page redirected immediately to google account which is disabled, not adsense.

I m wondering if my adsense account is still alive, because I receive adsense performance daily report mail in my inbox everyday, does it mean my google adsense account is still alive? How can I access my adsense interface if everytime i tried to log in, the page redirected to google account disabled?

Thanks warriors
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    Usually G wont ban both, but... This is the reason for having "multiple" accounts ;-)
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    did they disable your gmail id too ??
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    A quick way to test is to load the Adsense code snippet into an HTML page and see if your Adsense ads are showing. If you get a blank page, then your Adsense account is disabled as well. Usually even if your Adsense account is disabled, you can still get to Gmail, but I haven't encountered a case where your whole account is banned.

    Let us know how you get on.
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    You can do following things

    - Check your website where you've adsense codes installed! If you see them and likely your Adsense is not disabled!

    - Login to your account and see if everything is fine

    - Drop them a email and explain them situation!

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    No, your other accounts will not be banned.
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    yes, as stated above, your adsense account wont be disabled. However, it is advisable to not ad google ads on spammy sites..
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