How to see the expiry date of offers at peerfly?

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I wonder if anyone knows how to learn the expiry date of peerfly offers? I can't find it in their website.

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    Nope they don't have an expiry date.
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      You should ask your affiliate manager about the expiry date for a particular offer which you are interested in because it differs from a merchant to another.
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    It depends on the advertiser .Advertisers run offers as long as they are converting and profitable.Some advertisers run seasonal offers and the campaigns expire/ends once the event is passed(eg. Tax filing offers expire after after April 15th) .For other offers it is hard to guess when they expire or with drawn from network


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    Thank you all! I've discovered that they also send emails for updated offers.
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    Expiry date of an offer depends how much the offer is profiting. The day offer stops profiting, scrubbing starts and then it is finally pulled.
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      The others who have posted are correct, the majority of offers do not have a set expiration date. We have some offers on PeerFly that have been up for years. As soon as we find out an offer is going to be paused (we generally get at least 48 hours notice from our advertisers) we send out an email update to all of our publishers, and usually tweet it out on our offer update twitter account ( @peerflyoffers )
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    I am also testing a beta service that uses our RSS feed to automatically email you when an offer is taken down that you have gotten clicks on in the past week. A similar feature should be integrated into PeerFly in the near future, but for now you're welcome to test it out at:
    PeerFly E-mail Notifications for Down Offers

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    They don't have one per say, but your best bet is to contact your AM with questions like this
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