CPA Offers, are they ethical?

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I'm just now getting into CPA. Looked into it a bit a while back but never did anything with it consistently. Now I believe it's something I could be pretty good at it. The only road block I'm running into is the whole moral/ethical thing.

Most offers that I want to promote are those co-reg things where you're promised a free ipad 3 if you enter your email and do the silver, gold and platinum offers.

I can remember getting pissed off when I was a kid because I tried doing one to get a free xbox and wound up signing up for a bunch of crap just to realize I had to complete more offers that would cost me money I didn't have. It wasn't a big deal and I just unsubscribed from everything and went on with my life.

But after that, offers like that have put a bad taste in my mouth. I'd just like to know more about them and their legitimacy before I can decide whether or not I'll promote them. I know the companies putting those offers out HAVE TO give you the ipad or whatever it is they promised, but how much are you actually going to be paying out of pocket to get the item when it's all said and done?

Is it significantly less, more, or breaking even?

Would really appreciate some advice on this as I haven't been able to find any info on it.

Thanks In Advance,
-Ryan Leonard
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    It all depends on the offer really.. there are some which are for a legitimate cause.. ie. people in debt looking to consolidate, people looking for a loan, etc .. but there are some that are shady - rebills, etc..
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    Good thing you brought it up Ryan. I was doing the same when I was a young fellow filling those "free offers" like there's no guess I've made a few IM veteran always end up filling page after page.

    I'm also in a process of getting into CPA's stuff and I love to promote those free easy promotion like you mention above. I've had chip chat with a few IM folks and what most of them says that majority of company's advertising those "free offer" on CPA networks want to see what the consumers think or have any interest in that particular product. The more data's (traffic) we as an Internet Marketer send to CPA networks the more the company's (the creator of the "free offer" product) think the public (consumers) is somehow interested.

    As a newbie IM, I believe this is all about market research by the company's advertising those "free offer" on CPA networks. However, if you come think of it, you and I as an IM including every Warrior benefit from promoting those "free bogus offer" (sorry for the word "bogus" but that's what it is. As an IM promoting those offers we get paid $3 or $5 easily or whatever the CPA networks payout whenever a recipient/ a consumer just enter their name and email or just email.

    The recipient or the individual might not or will not get the nice free MacBook Pro computer or the new Sony Vaio but guess what? The CPA pays us whenever we send them traffic they want.

    Good luck man

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    That's a big question really.

    One day I want to complete a iphone 5 offer and see what they will send me since that one was not even announced!

    However, I wouldn't know really how to answer your question. Personally I don't make myself this kind of problems since I only make the people go there, what they do after, if they complete the offers or not is up to them.

    There are also many offers that are not email/zip and those ones really offer something to you in change so try those ones
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    Company uses "Free Ipad 5" or "Free + anything" in order to attract customer to fill the survey. Later, the company uses survey result to improve their product or services.
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      Originally Posted by eternalwarrior View Post

      Company uses "Free Ipad 5" or "Free + anything" in order to attract customer to fill the survey. Later, the company uses survey result to improve their product or services.

      Product improvement is just a little fluff you see.

      Personally, I like to promote free offers only. I don't like to promote any offer which include CC submit. I don't want the user's to be scammed out of their hard earned money.
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    CPA offers are ethical. Companies doing CPA do offer clients who perform specific actions valuable products, services and information
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    i don't mind when the cpa is an email submit and there is no financial risk whatsover to the user...

    however in the ****/colon days (rebill free trials) i saw a lot of things being done that would keep u up at night ...

    is cpa ethical ? For the majority yes .. you'll always have some cowboys playing the grey area but quite honestly they don't last

    good question
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      CPA offers also have to do with the advertisers getting information from users to be able to send more advertising materials, either by email or by snail mail, to try and get the users to sign up for something else or to buy something. That's how they get email addresses for email lists.

      As far as being ethical, the CPA offers I use all have the terms spelled out in the offers, albeit in small print. So that goes back to the old saying, "Read the fine print." We make these offers available and the people have the freedom to choose whether they want to participate or not. It's not like some of these scams where money is taken from people and they either don't get the product or service, or it's way less than advertised.
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    Free offers, Specially surveys are our first choice.
    We don' carry more take best only.
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    Thanks for the responses everyone- and I apologize for the delay in responding, I've been swamped the past few days.

    Some of you gave some good advice, but I'm still not sure my main concern has been answered.

    If you were to go through and complete all the required silver, gold and platinum offers- would you get your product?

    And if so, how much would it have cost you after completeing the offers (especially the "platinum" offers).

    I have no problem doing lead gen for companies, unless of course they're flat out lying/stealing from the consumer.

    Thanks Again,
    -Ryan Leonard
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    They're all different. There's no way to know unless you go through the offer. And the things you pay for have different costs. I do know that a friend of mine went through a whole offer, spent $40 or $50, and did get a $1,000 VISA gift card. She had to wait about 6-8 months for it but she got it.
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    usually these offers do give the Ipads, tv's, macbooks and gift cards, but the user has to fill out the offers and refer 5 friends to do the same. this way they generally still make money. theres a huge number of people who starts filling the offer out, but stops. these are the main revenue source for the people behind the submits.
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      There are definitely some legit free offer campaigns. However, there are bad players that give the industry a bad name. How many of you have recently been hit with a text message saying you have won a "Free $1,000 Giftcard" to Best Buy or Walmart?

      These are running rampant in the industry and unfortunately many people believe that they won something and give out their personal or financial information.
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    It is good to find offers that convert well. It is even better when they are ethical and also convert. Best of luck.
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    I used to promote CPA offers, but I stopped because I didn't like the offers I promoted. Most of them say they are free the time that it is not, and I felt like a spammer.
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      Originally Posted by iliana View Post

      I used to promote CPA offers, but I stopped because I didn't like the offers I promoted. Most of them say they are free the time that it is not, and I felt like a spammer.
      A spammer is way better than a scammer.
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        Originally Posted by harrisunderwork View Post

        A spammer is way better than a scammer.
        One free trial CPA offer I promoted, you needed to put in your credit card, and they didn't give you a way to cancel your account. Felt sick after some people I referred complained to me about that. I felt like a scammer.

        Pretty much stopped doing CPA offers, most turned out to be total BS to what they claimed. I promoted them based on how they advertised themselves, which turned out to be BS... basically making me a scammer for them. I think a lot of people scam "accidentally" when promoting some CPA offers.
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    Yeah....I'm thinking similar to other peeps here to; I want to/am happy to promote the offers IF they are legit....but there is no real way of telling. Also not happy sending people to sites which have a large charge attached, esp phone pin re-billing.
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    See it this way, if they complete the offers and their emails are filled with spam, at least they learned a lesson: if it's too good to be true it probably isn't. So, we are not scamming them, we are just teaching them a lesson :3
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    I was about to start a thread about this.

    The people doing cpa offers will say yes they are. I say mostly no they are not.
    I did them for a while. Its easy money for the most part. Then one day I decided to start filling out the offers I was going to promote to get a better feel of how to promote them. Nothing but garbage. Just a way to spam you with junk email or slap your credit card with unwanted fees.

    Email submits are junk. Trial offers are scams. Dating offers are junk scams. I wanted to be proud of what I was doing online and not be another spamming scammer, so I don't do them anymore.

    I know others will disagree and I don't mean to upset anyone, but that is what I found and how I feel about it.
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    Hi guys,

    I came across this OLD thread when doing a CPA search on Google. I think it might even be more relevant today, or at least AS relevant.

    I would like to hear how people feel about this topic 4 years later. I am struggling a bit with the moral concept of PIN SUBMIT offer (mobile), as the subscriber to the service gets billed X amount PER DAY after they signed up, and I am not too sure what they are getting in return.

    Sure, there is a disclaimer ie "You will be billed per day", or along those lines, but usually overlooked as it is small or hidden away.

    I was making around $1000 per month just doing mobile pin submits through my CPA network and always felt a little uneasy, so I stuck to the "win a iphone" and "meet other people" type offers instead of "have an affair" or "XXX" stuff.

    That said, for 2 months now, I have been loading pre-paid airtime on my wife's mobile phone and it kept disappearing without her making much calls. After a lot of blaming and shouting between us, I investigated a bit further and realised the culprit was a "win a Samsung S6" offer my 11 year old son completed on her phone. Exactly like the ones I promoted...

    Needless to say, I realised what havoc this must be causing other people. So for the moment, I am putting pin submits on hold. Luckily I could unsubscribe from the "add-on" service through my provider, but how many (less tech savvy) people will realise this. I think they will simply buy a new sim card and start from scratch (or never realise its happening).

    Thoughts please.
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    I personally had something even worse happen.. you won't even believe that.. when I got my new phone subscription (one of the major Swiss mobile phone companies) I started to notice the bills were much higher than they should be..

    So I started investigating, looked at the online details of the fees, called the company.. it turns out I was being billed for something the previous owner of this phone number (when someone stop using a phone subscription they just hand over the phone number to the next customer..) this was outrageous and I felt really scammed, in the end I had to call the company billing me myself to request to stop this constant billing !!

    The phone company could not cancel it themselves, even though I didn't even sign up for any offer, isn't this scandalous ?

    I really had a bad start with this company.. very very unhappy, but now it's been ok ever since and I believe they offered me some compensation I think they just offered me one or 2 months free..

    These types of phone billing services are really shady.. even if the person subscribe to it I bet most of them are just scams, legal scams, I would never advertise this kind of stuff, even the free iphones etc seems a bit off to me..but I haven't really researched how it works so I can't really tell.

    To be honest, now that I think about it.. this may sound a bit paranoid and conspiratory, but what if the phone company was in on it and actually did that to many clients to try to siphon cash to the people that don't care or notice (rich people, or richer people that don't care if their phone bill is 20-30$ higher than it should be)..anyway let's hope not and I'm just paranoid.

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