Cpa Non Proffessional Make Publishers LOOSEE MONEY

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Let Me Explaine How

Here is The Trut About Cpa and i dont Know If alll Affilate networks Are The Same

My First And Second Day WHit [dont want to say the name] conversions where awsome great evry 30 minute i get 1 or 2 conversions

Now Here's what happens i get 70 clicks and 1 conversion And All The Sudand
I get 5 clicks and 4 converts

I mean how can conversions stop comming for 10 hours and start comming evry minute

The Only Explanation i can come whit is that Advertisers cheat they do somthing to stop conversions tracking which cause me to loose a lot off money

Clicks Conversions CR EPC Earned
165 . 19 11.52% $0.16 $26.60
47 . 2 4.26% $0.07 $3.20
1 . 1 100.00% $1.40 $1.40
20 . 1 5.00% $0.07 $1.40

check how terible is this
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    I hope You Guys Get The Idea And Sorry For My English Im From Morocco
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    There are reasonable explanations for this. Did you contact your am to ask them?

    What is your traffic source?
    Could you have repeat visitors?
    How long have your ads been running for?
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      I think these numbers are very normal rates not so bad as you expect, but you should worry because you said you have got good conversion rates at the beginning which means that the network have started scrubbing and shaving your leads after a certain number of leads or regular steady conversion rate.

      You should rotate the offers and the networks as well. Test and rotate the same offer between different networks and stay with the winner network (i.e. leave the campaign running with the network which gives you the higher conversion rate = lower scrubbing rate).

      Or you should negotiate with your affiliate manager about a particular offer (you can ask him a lower payout for the offer which converts good for you with a lower scrubbing rate from their/ merchant side) if you have enough traffic volume/ day.
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    Wow Great Answers From You gUys
    My Network Is Peerfly Hope Luke See this And Give Me Some Advice I already write to him but I recive No Answer

    Im Triying To Get Into Other Affilate networks So I can Test more
    Hope I get Accepted
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    If your getting a 10% conversion rate it doesn't mean your get 1 conversion every 10 visitors Lol. I see from the payout your promoting email submits, the problem with those is a lot of people are faced with those offers daily. A lot of the people you are targetting may have already seen the offer and even entered their email. Meaning even if for some reason they decided to do it again you wont get paid for the lead. Try going for free trail offers or short form leads ($8+). It will make it a lot easyier to turn a big profit.

    That's prefectly normal stats...
    Support/Contact Me:
    Page one of Google Guaranteed For Your Chosen Keyword
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    the people i send to the offers are very good

    i can get 70%% conversions rate but the network is shaving my leads

    i start promoting an offer and i get 5 clicks 3 conversions

    then 40 clicks 0 conversions

    and i go to an other offers and the same **** happens
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