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I'm just starting with CPA and with PPV. As many suggests for the beginning I chosen email submit offers, and as PPV network I choose Lead Impact.

Now I'm doing some calculations how to make my campaigns profitable. To maintain profitable campaign following relation must be satisfied:
Where CR is conversion rate, VAL is the offer value and CPV is the cost I'm paying for view.

VAL and CPV is fixed, typical value for email offer is $1.3 and CPV in Lead Impact for "Giveaways" category is $0.02. So I can have an influence on just CTR and CR.

I ran few days a campaign and my conversion rate is 16%, and from general statistics of my CPA network I can see that conversion rate is reasonable.

So now I can estimate minimum CTR I need to make campaign profitable:
 CTR = CPV / CR * VAL = $0.02 / (0.16 * $1.3) = 9.6%
It's a quite high CTR, and it's the value to just not to loose money, it must at least 30% higher to generate 30% ROI. So CTR must be 12.5% to yield to 30% ROI.

Currently my landing page CTR is about 2.5%.

I doubt I can rise CTR so high and still without negative impact on CR.

Can such high CTR repeatably achieved, or running campaign with such CTR is a luck?

Maybe I should try offers with a higher value so I can make campaign profitable with not so high CTR?
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