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please i need your help on youtube +CPA

any idea is welcome..
#cpa #youtube
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    Here is an example of youtube video that are promoting a CPA offer created with Windows movie maker

    The idea is based on creating videos about products or what ever you want including your affiliate link to the description and the video itself then uploading them to youtube. Make sure the videos are not longer than 3 min. Create as many videos as you can per day, 10 videos per day should be fine.
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    Can i use the images for youtube videos from Google search? Because if i go for royalty free images, the quality of images are not good. And if i go for paid images, the charges would be $1 or $2 per image.

    Thanks and Regards

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    The CPA offer may give you images you can use. Have you decided on an offer yet?
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    Sometimes you get the images, like you promote the offer via display link but most of the time CPA network doesn't provide images. In that case, what should i do?


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    It's a powerful technique when used correctly. The video posted in the thread is a great example of how not to use this technique. It's better to sponsor videos which are already receiving a lot of daily views or sponsoring a channel related to the CPA offer and get them to create a unique video for your CPA offer. PM me and I can link you to a free eBook which will help. I've been using this strategy for two and a half years with great results.

    KEY TIP: Make sure the video and offer relate. There's no point creating a video on one topic and promoting a CPA offer completely unrelated. There's no correlation and no one will convert.
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    Great tip Paul. I am not going in details here about how to embed your videos and submitting them to the to video directories and adding video response etc..
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    If you need good idea.

    Go to and let someone make you a video about your offer and have fun.
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    well im not just making this journey for myself im also making this journey to help you guys also and you can see my progress im also making this journey so i have something to track my progress but thanks for looking at it hopefully in the future you can start one too
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    I'd suggest you get Video Commission Formula by Matt Carter + Mark Dickenson. By the way nice video whats the name of song? Its where you use YouTube to promote CPA offers like one above me. Follow the tips the warriors give you it will help you a lot.

    Zack Sprague

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    Thanks a lot for suggestions, i will sure follow this.


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