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I´m trying each day with ppc. My first goal is to make 1 daily sale and the cost for ppc not exceeding half the cost for the product.

I don´t know if there is something wrong with my method or If I just have to do more testing.

When it comes to the product I choose I try to find an offer where the affiliate offers a landing page where you can get a free report/course in exchange for their e-mail, and therefore selling them in every e-mail (you are probably thinking I should get my own list first, but right now my first concern is getting conversions, and my own list building will have to wait)

What is your success with using a general keyword such as "fat loss". I´m thinking that it will take more clicks for this keyword to get a sale compared to a more narrow one. Of course I put a tracking code on each one.

I am using 7search, is anyone here using it and is currenly having success with it for clickbank products? How good ratio is impressions/clicks?

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    Use another traffic source there people are ready to buy. Put your effort in adcenter instead. Or use 7search for free CPA offers it will convert better
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    Are you saying that adcenter automatically has more buyers in using the exact same keywords, that does not make sense to me...

    Can you recommend any good cpa companies that are easy to sign up on, and that offers things that are not just scam products?
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    I don't think 7Search produce much quality traffic as they do not filter out the bot clicks, which you will need to work it yourself. So switch your traffic source.

    For CPA network that are easily approve: Peerfly, Cpaway. For more try checkout
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    7search's traffic is crap! Wasted 100$ on it and got no revenue in return.
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      Hello, I am also new to IM'ing.

      What about Facebook ads or Google Adwords? I feel like my analytics stats don't match the clicks I am paying for.

      How do I know which advertisers are filtering bot clicks?

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    You need to carefully select the keywords that you target. Generally speaking, the broader your term, the more traffic you will get. However, that traffic is typically less-targeted. Zoning in on more laser-targeted long-tails will produce less traffic but if done right, will produce better conversions.
    Want a REAL Online Business That's Fun to Run?
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    Hello Challe77. You've set a realistic goal for yourself and that is so important. While 7search does generate traffic especially on broad terms, the quality as noted above the quality is lacking, and requires blocking sites delivering bad traffic.

    When it comes to promoting clickbank offers I've found that organic traffic converts the best. If you do not have a website which ranks for your target keywords look into buying ad space on websites that do.
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    If you want to use 7search for clickbank you can, but go for a niche, build list in that niche and email the offers to the list you creating in that niche.

    Also make sure you do not bid on one word keywords, remove all CF (click free) keywords and block bad sites.

    That way you'll actually make money with them.

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    Try to get more targeted traffic..
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