Best ppc for clickbank?

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I´m currently using 7search to trying to promote clickbank, but so far I´m not impressed.

What ppc network have you used where you actually make 1-2 sales per day. (beside adwords and msn adcenter)

I realize that making sales requires testing but I don´t want to try hard and get burned out on ppc just because I´m using the wrong ad network.

What ad networks do you reccomend, preferably ones that accept affiliate redirects.

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    Hey Karl,

    The top tier PPC sites will bring the best quality traffic. The problem, however, is NOT the traffic.

    "I realize that making sales requires testing but I don´t want to try hard and get burned out on ppc..."

    I'm sorry buddy, but if you think you can direct link to CB offers without testing AND burning through a lot of money AND be very profitable, you're really doing it wrong.

    You see, affiliate marketing is all about testing and control. You must have control over the conversions, which is the most important thing when doing PPC and control over the traffic. The only way of having any control over conversions is by building landing pages for each offer. You may notice I used plural here, because you want to test out and find the most profitable landing page out of a batch of landing pages all promoting the same offer.

    Not to mention, you really want at least an email signup on your page ... You may want to follow up with the people, build trust, presell the offer some more and close the deal. If not the first time, then maybe at a later time. Does it make sense to you to pay for a click, a visitor comes in, buys or not, but when he exits, you have no means of contacting him back?

    I know you want it .. the easy way .. not caring at all about what you're doing. Pay X dollars on PPC, make Y on CB and Y >>>> X. Your job as an affiliate marketer isn't to find the best PPC platform, but to presell people the best. Until you understand that, you won't be profitable. Period.

    Oh... and the highest gravity products??? Not the best conversions, so you might test it out for yourself. In fact, you may even want to BUY the product you're selling and know what it is you're selling to people. It will help you understand what you need to write in your presell to get people excited to buy the product because YOU recommended it.

    It's simple .. but not that easy as you think it is.

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      Anyone has any opinions of BREEZEADS.COM I am looking for PPC services that have a good reach and and have great click prices.

      Thank you all
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    gabriel! it's awesome information. Thanks for sharing mate
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    I buy website's adspace at Buy Sell Ads to promote Clickbank offers. For me, it's easier, although it's not always cheaper.
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    First know that Google doesn't like info based products from ClickBank.

    1. 7search
    PeerFlyLuke shared a case study of 10k keywords that at the time were less then .05 cents a click on 7Search and if your a newbie they have now a Welcome12 offer to get $50 bonus credit on $100 sign up.

    2. Looksmart

    yes old search engine but can work for PPC traffic

    good luck

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    The Top Gravity product in Clickbank are not always the best to promote. Buy this product and see if gives the value informations to you. Most products on clickbank will not help newbies to make money and also not you on long term.
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    Your best bet would be Bing.
    The quality of traffic is much better than 7Search and unlike Google Adwords you will not get banned.
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    I'd recommend Bing or facebook. 7search could work too, but may take more testing to weed out bad traffic sources
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