How many visitors do you need to make $100?

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Is there a generic formula to say: you need __________ many followers to make $100 on adsense. Just trying to get a good idea of what is needed to start making some money.

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    It depends on the niche and your CTR. If your avg CPC is $1 and you have a good CTR of 5% then you'll only need around 2000 visitors to make $100. However, in most cases the CPC will be closer to $0.50 and the CTR 2.5% so you'll need 4000 visitors.

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      Is that 1000+ visitors a day?
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    Depends also in how much time you want to get the $100
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    It really depends on the content, quality and presentation of your website.
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    So many factors, there's no set formula. It depends on how well your site is optimized for conversions, the quality of your traffic, etc. I'm sure with over a few thousand visitors per day, if you have some high-payout offers on your site, you should be able to break that with a nice clean content site.


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    I get a $200 eCPM, so around 500.
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    many factors to get much money on internet..morover if we talk about adsense.
    Very difficult to see if we just look at amount of visitors. So, just action.. and we don't know when our goal will reach..
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    I think 300-500 it's good
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    it depends on the ctr you are getting and the amount of money you are going to make from one click. From there you can work out how many visitors it will take to get to $100.
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    Work the figures and it will give you an idea of how much traffic you would need.

    For example:

    - If your average CTR was 5% and the average CPC was $1, then you would need 2,000 visitors.

    - If your average CTR was 10% and the average CPC was $1, then you would need just 1,000 visitors.
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    there is no exact number dude. Some keywords are less competitive and they have a very high CTR. in that case Google will not create any kind of problem but if you got a huge number of visitors with a very high CTR then Google will suspect you. So I think CTR is a major thing. but if you follow some basic rules and don't do any kind of black hat techniques you will be saved. So follow Google's rule
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    It depends on niche you are using and also Avg. CPC of your keyword. You will have to blend your ads properly with your page design and also depends on the quality of traffic. If you have visitor coming from USA, CA, AU then you will get more money than visitor form India and Pakistan.
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  • Simply depends upon the keyword you're chasing. I prefer for low competitive high CTR. You'll get the relevant ads depending upon your content and if you can optimize your site properly then the CTR will increase gradually. So don't look upon how much visitors you've. Try to improve your CTR first.

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    its depend on website contents.
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    Google AdSense ads on his game review site and earns $0.05 per click and has an adsense_click_through_rate of 0.05.
    visitors = $100/ ($0.05 * 0.05) => 40,000 visitors.
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    No, there is no generalize idea regarding that. It depends on many other factors as well.

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