Cake Marketing = Disruptive Technology

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Great article from the fine folks at about Cake Marketing. The best in-depth review I've read (was hoping he was going to post the review for my site!!!)
Over the past year I've seen a lot of solid advertisers/networks leave HitPath, HasOffers, and other tracking platforms for Cake Marketing. Just about everyone in the industry is buzzing over the dominance of Cake Marketing.
A few weeks ago I was introduced to Cake by Pace Lattin from Perform Insdier(excellent publication btw). I asked Cake to provide us a background on their company and to shed more light on their recent success. Below is a guest post that Brittany Edmonston provided me. I asked her to make it salesy and I hope Cake Marketing gets some good leads from this.

Cake Marketing = Disruptive Technology « Direct Response Marketing – Crush Your Competition
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