Facebook to CPA Ad Case Studies List

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Hey fellow marketers,

On my journey to setting up various Facebook campaigns, I've collected a list of case studies that might be helpful for others as well.

The studies range in topic and testing criteria so feel free to check them out, and create yourself some profitable campaigns.

Feel free to add more that you've found along the way.


CPA Offers

NBA Jersey CPA - June 2012
- full campaign with landing pages and results
Facebook Case Study for the NBA Finals

NFL Jersey CPA - Nov 2011
- clever use of iFraming, Targeting, and Bidding
[METHOD] How to promote CPA offers with Facebook PPC –Uncensored Case Study– Step by step

Movie Theatre Tickets - Jan 2012
- brief to the point, Peerfly CPA offer
Facebook Ads Case Study – Movie Tickets

Converting a Losing CPM into a Winning CPC Guide - Oct 2011
- gathering data quickly to turn around a good CTR
[Facebook Ads – Advice] How to turn a dying CPM ad, into a winning CPC ad.

Getting Really Cheap CPC on Facebook - Sept 2011
- haven't tried yet

CPC vs. CPM - Apr 2011
- CPM was more cost effective despite the lower CTR.
The Ultimate Case Study: Facebook CPC vs CPM Bidding | StackThatMoney - The Affiliate Marketing Source

CPC Competition & Suggested Bid Info - Sept 2011
- a look into the suggested bid mechanism
Minimizing Your Facebook Ad CPC Bid Prices by Avoiding Bid Competition

Border Vs. No Border - May 2012
- thick border has a higher CTR
Case Study: Testing Border Images

Red Border, Image Brightness, Capitals & Question Marks - June 2012
- various factors tested on a $200 budget for highest CTR
What is the perfect structure in Facebook Advertising? | Digital centric agency grounded in partnership | WiTH Collective

CPA Angels - Nov 2011
- 2 Case Studies, Tutorial primarily

Large list of Corporate Case Studies (Mostly non-CPA)
- good for general marketing education
The Big List : 150 Facebook Pages Campaigns Case Studies | Wise - Facebook Analytics

Halloween Costume CPS Results
- tonne of money spent, emphasis on CPM and market segregation
Surgically Determining Facebook via Cost Per Sale

How To Profit On CPS Campaigns With Facebook
- not a case study, but reasonable tips for doing CPS
How To Profit On Cost Per Sale Campaigns With Facebook

P.S. Any additional case studies, I will post in this thread, and here:
Facebook to CPA Ad Case Studies List


CPA Dating Case Study - June 2012
- full targeting, image use, and ad copy
Facebook Dating CPA Case Study

Adwords Vs. Facebook Ad - Dec 2008
- Pay per click vs Social network case study

Facebook Advertising For Affiliates - 2011
- Tips on ad copy, targeting and bidding

Increase CTR by 2000% by Laser-Targeting - Feb 2009
- splice your ad demographics

Abs Image Split-Test Case Study - 2008
- $8000 spent

Facebook Fail Ads
- some funny ads that were tested out on facebook

10 Funny Facebook Ads
- more ads tested on facebook
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