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First I’ll start off with a short introduction of myself, but I would like to stay anonymous. So for the sake of this blog, thou shall be called “Tits McGee” haha. I was born from my mothers vagina and I’m between the ages of 7 and 44. I’ve also been known to have a sarcastic sense of humour.

I’ve been working as a Programmer Analyst/Web Designer for several years now I and actually like my job, but I hate working for the man. I want to have the freedome to work whenever I want and not have anyone looking over my shoulders telling me what to do. I’m also tired of living from paycheck to paycheck. Like most people out there I would like to have a little more financial freedom. I understand that money doesn’t always bring hapiness but it will surely buy me a boat to cry on.

I do not have alot of experience when it comes to affiliate marketing but the past few months I have been researching and learning alot about the subject. I have played around a little bit with adwords/adsense and a few CPA networks, but I havn’t been able to generate any income yet and it sucks balls. I have a bad habit of giving up quickly and I’m hoping this blog will keep me motivated.

The goal of this 30 day challenge is not to make a metric buttload of money overnight. My main goal is to turn a profit by the end of the challenge, I don’t care if I only end up generating $1 profit. Just as long that I turn a profit and learn from my mistakes as I go along. I will be updating this blog as much as I can with details, statistics and results from the campaigns I will be running.

I would appreciate any tips, comments or feedback from experienced affiliates. The more I can learn out of this the better. I’m gonna do my best to share all the information and hope that all the readers learn from my experiences as well.
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    First of all, love the user name!

    I know sometimes the mods don't like blog type threads like this because normally they never get finished and the OP bails leading to a none value thread. BUT, I hope you are different and do constant updates.

    Wishing you much success buddy!
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    Best of luck,don't forget to update it. I am subscribing it.
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    Good luck man!

    Owner at Internet Marketing Deals and Coupons and Landing Page Guys, fully qualified chef turned online entrepreneur, lover of Prosecco and LFC.

    More about me here.

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    A brilliant idea for sure! Everybody should start with some sense of accountability for their actions. This is the difference between a hobby and a business! Good on you!

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    Awesome, I'm looking forward to this thread.

    My biggest tip would be to pick a traffic source/niche and stick to it. A lot of people make the mistake of constantly switching offers,traffic sources, etc. before they ever get profitable.
    Looking to buy Facebook accounts. PM me!
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    Thanks everyone! I refuse to give up on this one. I'm gonna stick to one 1 method and do my best to make it profitable. I'll have an update later tonight!
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    Also looking forward to this. Don't forget to share what worked, what didn't, etc. Best of luck in your project!
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    That is a good idea .

    I will follow this thread and I am going to help if there is anything that you need .
    CPA Game Changer - Coming Very Soon !

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    Im in the same boat with you! Wish you luck on your way!
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    Well, I greatly encourage you to stay the course and follow through. Even if you're not completely successful, you can still learn (and teach others) valuable lessons
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    Good luck buddy...its all about Taking ACTION and being focused..and keep the end goal in mind..BJ
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    30 Day CHallenge - Day 1

    Alright so i've put in a lot of work today and my first update is ready as promised. Its a little long and has a few images so I'm just going to give out the link to the update. I hope this is not against the forum rules. I'm only using this blog as a journal and in no way promoting or selling anything so hopefully the ops will be alright with this.

    Here is the link: madbankers.com/case-studies/30-day-challenge-day-1/
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    Great I Love the "sarcastic sense of humour" :p keep going!
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      Originally Posted by david15923 View Post

      Great I Love the "sarcastic sense of humour" :p keep going!
      Thanks! I can be a little odd ball sometimes I guess hahaha
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    30 Day Challenge - Day 2

    So its time for my second update, and as expected I did not make a profit but thats ok because I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurace by switching to geico haha. I already noticed a buttload of stuff that I did wrong so that's pretty good.

    The first thing I noticed was the way I had setup the tracking for my landing pages. I'm still not an expert with prosper202 tracking system and nothing ended up being tracked so that sucks. I think I have everything setup properly now so I'll find out in a few days when I review the stats again I guess.

    Second thing I did wrong was the way I had setup my keywords for 7Search. I was bidding on "broad search" instead of "Phrase Search" so I changed everything to phrase search and hopefully i'll get more targeted traffic. As you will see in the stats bellow I didn't get much out of the traffic coming from 7Search.

    Another thing that I did is setup another ad on 7Search I wanted to see if the offer would convert just be sending the traffic directly to the offer instead of my landing page.

    Here are some crappy stats for your amusement:

    Impressions: 33,361
    Clicks: 2 [That sucks]
    CTR: 0.006% [Sucks even more]
    CPC: 1.57
    CPM: 0.09 [I'm alright with that]
    Spent: $3.14

    So as you can see, I need to test out some more ads. I'm not a Facebook marketing expert but I surely don't believe that 0.006% is a good CTR so I need to get that up.

    7 Search:
    Impressions: 33,451 (pretty close to Facebook impressions)
    Clicks: 35
    CTR: 0.10%
    CPC: $0.16
    Spent: $5.59

    Traffic seems to be way more cheap compared to Facebook but because I was bidding on broad searches I don't think it was as targeted.

    So after doing the math I came to the conclusion that I received 37 clicks to my landing pages and out of those clicks I got 2 signups to my mailing list for a total of 0.054% conversions. Out of those 2 Signups I got big 0 conversions out of my CPA offer.

    So this is pretty much what I was expecting for my first day. Wasn't expecting to make any money but it did get me to realize some mistakes so thats pretty awesome. I also want to start testing out more ads to try to get the CTR, that will be the next on my TODO list.

    Alright so now its Friday evening and its to nice outside to stay in front of the computer. I'm also gonna be gone all day tomorrow so I'll be back Sunday evening with another update to see if my tweaking did any good.

    Peace out home slice!
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    With 7Search you got 35 clicks but any offers completed or any buys?

    The good thing about this business is that "People don't succeed cause they aim too high and miss, no, they aim too low... and hit. Most people don't aim at all." (Les Brown)

    Not us... Not marketers. We live far above mediocrity. Always keep this in mind at all times..

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      Originally Posted by marketforus1 View Post

      With 7Search you got 35 clicks but any offers completed or any buys?
      From those 35 clicks I got only 2 signups to my email list but they did not complete the offer
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    Generally, on facebook, you want to always bid on CPC first and then once you find an ad with 0.12% (depends, a lot of people say 0.15 and so on) switch to CPM.

    Good luck
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      Originally Posted by david15923 View Post

      Generally, on facebook, you want to always bid on CPC first and then once you find an ad with 0.12% (depends, a lot of people say 0.15 and so on) switch to CPM.

      Good luck
      Thanks for the advice! I will surely try this, it makes sense now that I think of it!
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    Try uploading more pics for split testing to see which get the highest CTR. Best of luck
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    Welcome to the world of CPA marketing! I am fairly new as well, even to online marketing in general, but I have been able to be pretty successful right away, and I did it with TONS of reading, researching, and experimenting to get it right.

    The pitfalls I ran into before becoming really profitable were getting distracted by all the shiny offers out there, and trying to focus on too many methods at one. Pick one, and focus. Master it, you will see results!

    Good luck!
    I make $200-$300 a DAY with this Killer CPA offer! Earn 500% Commissions Over and Over! http://ExtremeIncomeNetwork.com
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    So, where's the other 4 days worth of updates?
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    Hopefully he didn't give up so soon!
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    Good luck!

    Definitely bid CPC on Facebook. Try to stick to one or two traffic sources and niches. Most people fail when they jump all over the board looking for some magic to happen. It's all about putting in the work, and methodically testing and forcing your campaign into profit.
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    What happened Tits ? We are waiting in suspence !
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    Hey Tits,

    Doesn't look like you made it very far. Don't give up.
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