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How to I start? What do I need?
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    If you are a complete beginner , these two threads on CPA can hep you start your CPA business .

    CPA Game Changer - Coming Very Soon !

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    How about detailed step-by-step that costs (I don't mind paying)
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      Originally Posted by syncjam View Post

      How about detailed step-by-step that costs (I don't mind paying)
      Put your money away, and first of all read everything there is free to read on this forum. Thers loads. There is also a free course here you can do. So keep your greens in your pocket to start with.


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        1) Sign up to a cpa network of your choice (might want to have a web site, or you could say you'll use ppc so no site needed)
        2) Look at offers and their landing page, look at the conversion (if that cpa network shows it) or ask your affiliate manager what conversion it has, you can also ask affiliate manager if they could tell you what offers do well in your niche and/or promotion method
        3) Pick an offer that looks good and drive traffic to it.
        4) Look at conversion and epc and decide if it's worth it to continue to drive traffic to it or if you need another offer.

        5) Driving traffic to a squeeze page to build a list before you send them to cpa offer is highly recommended. It gives you a free, reuseable traffic for the future (your list) and allows you to use ppc to drive traffic even if you only break even (or even lose a bit) on the first cpa offer.

        I am just getting into cpa myself, but that's the gist of it.
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    Search for some free cpa related tutorials on article websites.
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