How to make money with CPA

by Ampli
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Hello everyone

Please can anyone explain me how can I earn with CPA.

If I want to promote a freeipad 3 offer and I have also created a nice looking landing page What to do next ? do I have to create a new website for everyoffer or can I upload the landing pages on a single website like www this com/ipad3/landingpage.html and please tell if me if I am missing something about promoting CPA offers and for traffic I can use both paid and free methods. :confused:
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    Your questions are really really broad broad broad.....

    Take it step by step, just pick an offer and feel which traffic source is right with you, then keep post your question here.
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    no actually I want to know I selected X and Y offer so do I have to buy 2 different domain to promote both of them.
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    There are alot of different choice.
    I will let you pick, but I'm not offering coaching , joking.

    If you intend to promote with paid traffic, it's okay if you just had a single domain with variety landing page.

    If you intend to promote offers with free traffic, different domain will help you ranks in different keyword terms. And what they called EMD.(Exact Match Domain)

    Since you're a beginner yourself, you should own just one domain with tracking program so you won't be confuse with what you had done.
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    ok thanks for the tip .
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    Yeah I agree in SEO EMD's are very very powerful, it's a fact. They also make your campaign seem more authentic. Let's say you want to promote an ipad 3 offer (so generic IMO) and you have the domain it really wouldn't make sense.

    If you're in the beginning stages and want to test multiple offers without investing in many domains get a clever domain that is pretty broad, if you're promoting email submits come up with a domain that would make sense with sub domains ex then on your next campaign you can do though the shorter the domain the better, but you get the idea.
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    Oh and to answer how to earn? IMO you will make your first amount of money if you get a free PPC coupon from bing, google, and or facebook. Setup a landing page that has a HIGH call to action, making it clear what you want the visitor to do.

    Setup your keywords in adcenter and you will be surprised how many impressions that keyword will get in 1-2 days, I got about 4k-5k impressions, now these are not clicks but thats how many eyes that could have potentially saw my ad, my average position is #4 so I am pretty low, though it has brought in conversions!

    Technically free since I am using a coupon!
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    hey thanks nikeman070 you gave me the exact answer I wanted to know.
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    You can also buy a general domain that can go for different type of offers, for example you could have and from here spread it to different pages with different products.
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    I dont see a good answer that give a list of CPA and the technique on it. please give me, i have same question on it
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    yeah I got the idea that we should start with a smart domain which can be used with anything and the more short = more good.
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    hey one more thing can anyone show me his landing page link just as a example of landing page
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    just the one thing which I don't like is all the good domain are already took by other
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    so you guys are trying to say I should try to get the users email and then later email them the offers ?
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