Media buying ,ppc or ppv?

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hi everyone.any advice appreciated.i started with IM 3months ago but i am not sure if it works for everyone.i bought 4-5 books and read them .Got some information about IM and started doing it.i set up yotube chanel with 6videos so far included affiliates.i got just one sale.also tried tweeter as i was recommended by one of the books ,but it didnt work as well(maybe for someone to get few bucks if lucky)then decided to work with facebook.set up fan pages ,got 1000 and more people and tried to send them relatedcpa and clickbank offers.i got not more than 10 try was ppc campaign and facebook ads.set up a couple of ads on facebook with affiliates on it and couple of ppc campaign with google ads and 7search.not sales at all.7search was recommended in 2 of the books but i think its just poor trafic with no results.The las think i want to try is media buying or banner advertising.i found adbrite is supposed is a very good for that.
can you recommend me any other media buying agencie .

As soon as i dont have a website yet i wanted to start with these IM tools but not results yet.i bought one book from here black book or something like that.hopefully it will be helpful .i wasted so much i buying some gurus metods or ebooks which dont work.even bought they called sniper site software and didnt know i have to pay every month for that.there were just videos in it which i can find in youtube that information.

I dont mind to spend money for PPC PPV or banner and media buying ,just want some help or advice to start.

p.s In the book laptop millionaire i read that media buying is the best way for making a lot of it true.any help appreciated.thanks
please dont send me links guides or plenty
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  • Out of everything I read in here let ms just tell you right away


    Media buying is extremely profitable if and only if you know your conversion numbers and demographics. If your looking for a beginning place for media buys I suggest adengage and buysellads.

    You need to keep trying until you get something!
    Next time you're at a McDonald's Playplace and someone asks you, "Aww which one is yours?" Say, "I haven't picked one out yet..."

    Im selling 2 adwords accounts with $100 in each account for $30! $200 value! PM me only!
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    Thanks for your advice.sorry for the silly question but what do you mean by demographic .i didnt know these agencie.are they using good quality traffic websites?What do you think about adbrite.
    i would never give up until start making money with IM.I make quite good money with ebay and amazon but i am fed up with it and want to change the way of the cashflow :-).
    i spent 100£ in facebookads 50 in googleads and 50in 7search not a sale at all.
    I only set up affiliate campaigns not it better converting than digital products.
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    There are lots of critical components that you really need to know and apply if you really want to get good results with CPA marketing . So, I suggest that you clearly understand these critical components and how to apply them to each traffic source. I you miss any of these critical components, you are going to fail.

    The other thing that you really need to understand is that if you are a beginner to the world of paid advertising, I highly suggest that you start with the most known advertising networks . Because, you can get lots of tips, advices and guides that can help you get started easily and properly.
    CPA Game Changer - Coming Very Soon !

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    I know that iam newbie and dont have the experience .also know that i will lose money before start making money with media the moment i look for good cpa offers in Comision junction ,.
    when i find it i will get the banner code or create my own and set up campaign with adbrite or any other agencies .is it good plan?Do you recommend me to drive the traffick directly to the spa offer or to make presell page ?
    Which are the most know
    n and good media buying agencies
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    It's important that you don't just move on to a new method every time one of them fails. I set up a ton of websites that never got any traffic, and then I set up a ton of sites that got traffic but didn't convert, and only now have I gotten to the point where I'm making decent money.
    If I had changed my strategy with every failure, that never would have happened.
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    If your totally noob and want to learn Affiliate Marketing fast, then get a good mentor. PERIOD!
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    How can i find a good mentor as everyone who iam trying to ask something or asking advice start selling me some own book ebook guide or give a link with names such as "do you want to make £3-5k in 2 weeks"or Do you want to give you my secret for $10k a month.Once i got them it seemed to be all the same nothing useful.I read a lot of this ebooks and guides but they dont work for everyone.
    I will try to stick with CPA offers and media and banner advertising .Thanks
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      Originally Posted by ares1980 View Post

      How can i find a good mentor as everyone who iam trying to ask something or asking advice start selling me some own book ebook guide or give a link with names such as "do you want to make £3-5k in 2 weeks"or Do you want to give you my secret for $10k a month.Once i got them it seemed to be all the same nothing useful.I read a lot of this ebooks and guides but they dont work for everyone.
      I will try to stick with CPA offers and media and banner advertising .Thanks
      You can join some paid forums like Stack That money where you can get a ton of top notch practical information with real active case studies and real campaigns from other people testing and experiences. After you have picked one traffic source and read enough you can take action after you felt ready and you can post a follow along post with your campaigns where mentors and experienced affiliates can advice you on your campaign optimization and tell you what you're doing wrong one on one.

      But IMO media buying is not for beginners as it requires some big budgets and more testing that the others. You may Start with PPC with 2nd tier search ppc or Facebook PPC or you can get started with PPV but you should stick with one traffic source as other people have recommended.
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        You could make a ton of money with any of those traffic sources. Media buying has the potential for big money but it's going to require a bigger budget. You can get started with places like SiteScout for $500 but I wouldn't expect to profit at all before you refill that amount many times.

        For $200 you can get started with PPV on Lead Impact. I like having people start there because you can get a lot of data and learn to optimize for relatively cheap. You also don't have the restriction you would on PPC. You can get a free book/training vids for PPV on my blog.

        One thing I noticed is you listed a few poor quality traffic sources like 7search and adbrite. People like to recommend these because they're supposedly 'cheaper' and easier. I haven't found that to be the case, and you might actually end up spending more money trying to get something to work there. I would go straight for the quality traffic sources.
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    Media Buying can be a profitable traffic source if you know what you are doing. However it also burn out your budget quickly without proper settings or trackings. Other than media buying, ppv and ppc can always make you big bucks and nice ROI. So you'd better choose one and stick with it.
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    Like others have pointed out Media Buying campaigns can suck a lot of money in a short period of time. If you're starting you should launch campaigns with 2nd tier PPC platforms and learn the ropes before you jump into something where you need to spend a lot of money.
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    Depends on your payouts. If you get a lot per lead, stick to PPC as you need to provide good quality leads to justify the high payouts. PPV is mostly popover/popunder/adware traffic, so not good quality but for simple zip/email submits it can work.

    But then again, why would anyone settle for a measly $1-2 bucks a zip/email submit if you can get 20-30 times the payouts for finance leads Think about which strategy is more profitable!

    Any questions just let me know,
    Read my incredible story:
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    As i said i have read some guides and ebooks from "IM gurus" one wrote he makes lot of money with 7search .i tried and didnt sell anything with campaign seen more than 10000 and clicks more than 300 .convertion rate 0.what about if i use my campaign keywords and type it in google then check the most visited sites ,let say over3-5000 views a day or something like that ,then contact them and negosiate the banner placement .what can i expect?Let say with budget 2-3k how many CPM .?
    If adbrite is not good agencies with poor trafic which one is the best one with quality trafic.
    thanks for the help
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    Which PPC networks are good .i know only google adwords and facebook ppc but facebook seemed not to work for me .i heard most of the users doesnt like adds in facebook.even me i havent click even on one of them..
    just to let you know i got 3 more sales from yotube.i didnt get many views just 5-10 a day but i decided to try to put long tail keywords from google keyword tool.i found related phraces with not more than 5000 searches and low competition.i dont know if thats the reazon but start geting over 30 a day and got these was clickbank products with gravity under 10 because i saw those with more gravity have a lot of videos already made.its good because i didnt beleive i can make money from IM.i usualy make quite good money fro. amazon and ebay but i already fed up with it .So any help here is appreciated.Thanks
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