traffic i prefer from yahoo or bing or msn

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hi all ever since google went through the change and cleared out lots of links and makes sites have to go from scrath again i now use bing,yahoo and msn for my advertising and backlinks,its hard to get new backlinks now on google it seems but alot easier on alternate search engines,but no matter which engine you advertise on google will pick up on it too and list it so you get many results this way,when i 1st start a blog or forum or anything i do a full backlink and ping submit that tells the search engines new content added to follow and list much faster,but cant do it but maybe once every couple months or it will not help.i have gained alot of traffic from one my blog sites and get tons of visitors,you can search for website backling and ping and find many sites free to do it for you.hope this helps all get more traffic,hits and members.
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