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Continue “Create autoblog on blogger with hatforrent” article, i will be sharing the way how to get money from autoblog. First, it’s true, be written content is the best choice. But, it’s difficult to be rich if you write yourself contents, unless you are fluent English and be expert about your professional that you know. Build autoblog to get a little of money(<3$/per day), get money by quatity blogs or rich of content, get visitor by “google dance”

I built blog with autoblog in 5 years, use a lot of technology, software. So, i will be sharing my fact experiences to refer

1. Choice category : Category to create autoblog must : categories that have a lot of source to get contents.
Example :

You built blog has category is healthy, if you choose category is “ squint eye” , you’ll be difficult to find sources. In the fact, there’s a little facilities or materials to devoted to the category to users can check your contents on blog. And if you choose an other category: “hemorrhoids” is diffirence. There’s alot, alot of facilities or materials to relate to this category, helping you can choose more filter sources, users have more channel to check your information and to know level of quality of your contents on your blogs.

With categories have alot of sources, they’ll push CPC price of adsense that your keywords have same categories on your blog more higher.

Summary for choosing category for blog :
- Choose category have alot of source to refer to get contents.
- Categories have keywords same your categories on blogs that CPC price higher

2. Choose source and philosophy of autoblog :

- How to build autoblog follow any way, you must choose sources. Sources must be to have alot of original contents.
- Sources must have low frequency to born new contents (Should : 1 week has 1 article.)


With sources has alot of good content... You get their contents, so, too the keyword, your contents will be difficult to display on page 1 (top 10). But, it’s a strategy of 40% experts autobloger. Meaning, they accept their keywords is disappeared, and only get “money” by google dance, a random time, at a random country, their content have page 1 ^^. Theses problem have alot, and always occur, but, this way has big costing. I don’t like this way, or if i do, i will be combined translate or rewrite contents.

Always, i choose blogs - websites have 500k-1000k alexa rank, has a little article. Each blog should be choose 50 sources. So, we have 50 articles per week.

Why ?

Meaning, your blog usually has new content, you can seo your blog better than admin of 50 those websites(Reference why always seo your content is advantage). After time, your contents, your keywords may be overcome the original page. Cause’ frequency index to your content is higher than original page, so google understand your content is original contents.

May be your blog don’t overcome the page. No problems :d Suppose, if you get contents of famous websites, you have to overcome alot of others sites. But if you set source is site has a little contents, your blog will be top 2 of page 1

These problems is philosophy of autoblog (Of course, it’s only my perspective)

This is the way of the other blog that, it’s not an autoblog but they too collect contents and visit is always higher than original page. Eg :

3. Content :

Autoblog must be post others articles. Quatity of articles for blog before use autoblog must have 5 unique contents.
- First, when you write content, you shouldn’t use autoblog.
- Each day, will has 1 new article, then, to start set source to use autoblog, a little, ensure your content don't born quickly, don’t be google dizziness.

Eg : each day has 1 article, can reduce 2, 4, 6, 8, 16 articles, don’t add alot source on time, void to raise contents quickly.

- Your article should put full source, if you use hatforrent , when you add source, will part to choose type of source : link / pingback. if you put full link and link type is nofollow, that on original page will display your ping back , get a little visit for your blog at beginning of time.

4. Get money :

When you finish these step, you can forget temporary this blog, it will get money for you a little, slowly(manual : passive income). With autoblog, you can get about 1$/day after 1-2 months. Maybe less, 1$/week but no problem

5.Copyright :

- If admin of blog of source content require you stop to get their content, you must be stopped, don't make animosity with them b-)

- Always put source, how to do any way, to ensure : you see their contents are interesting, and you want to collect in your blog, and sharing their knowledge from that contents, don’t they think : their contents become to your contents

6. Autoblog :

If you think to work with autoblog is seriously job, please : seriously do, seriously investment Thousand of people will get money by autoblog ...
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    This is an awesome guide for autoblog. I assume most autoblogs dead after panda update. But your guide give me confidence of monetizing. Thanks.
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      Originally Posted by DramaConvention View Post

      This is an awesome guide for autoblog. I assume most autoblogs dead after panda update. But your guide give me confidence of monetizing. Thanks.
      Nothing is dead, youtube is not dead, cpa is not dead, black hat is not dead, nothing will ever die unless the actual website goes down, there will always be methods and methods, that's just life, I've seen these kinds of threads hundreds of times on different niche asking if it's dead. Well it's not dead, there are plenty of people making some good money with Autoblog.
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    I intend to build a few autoblog. I will test this service. Thank you for sharing ...
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    sounds great to share such experience with us thank you

    but what i do really prefer is to promote some CPA products beside adsense and you'll get massive income
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    Hi dmg68 can you please be more specific what methods, software or plugins you used?

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    Great! Thank you so much! Do you use any software like Article Submitter to submit the articles of ur autoblogs?
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      make 1$ a week with this method???

      Why not promote affiliate products with higher commissions on an autoblog?

      For each category I set up must I write a little own 250-400 word of content (what about is the category?) above the autoblog posts ?

      Where are the best free plugins- plugins who find new rss feeds based on my keywords??

      Answer please.

      best wishes
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