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Okay I finally choose Cpa and I'm doing some research but research is nothing if I don't have you guys thoughts. Okay in order to start I need to get a content rich site with a good domain and hosting, then I need to apply for different networks and get excepted, and lastly I get traffic to my site and use some blackhat and white hat methods to make money. Okay thats all I got is there anything that needs to be added to this list? Is there any complications after getting excepted or do you just like start picking offers and getting people to do them?
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    Well, I'd say it's a bit more involved than that. A couple things to mention...

    You'll obviously want to select offers that best match the niche of your content site. For example, you would not send credit card or mortgage offers to your weight loss / fitness site. But green tea or **** offers could do well.

    Another thing I'd do... build a list at your content site. Rather than using direct linking methods and one-time offers, build a list and you can make offers every week to that list. Don't you think a list member will take advantage of at least one of your offers if they have 50 opportunities over the next 12 months?

    I'd write more, but I have got to run. Hope that helps a bit.


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    Is there any complications after getting excepted or do you just like start picking offers and getting people to do them?
    Make sure you choose a cpa offer that targets your niche.

    If you don't already have a niche, then choose a CPA offer you think you can roll with, and build a website around it.

    In addition, making a successful income stream from CPA offers isn't a simple one, two, three step process. Make sure you understand the techniques your going to use for Blackhat methods and consider every possibility. Make sure everything looks legitimate....Take it slow and steady in the beginning and then build up.
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    I agree with Admiral.

    Stay away from blackhat in the beginning. You should really know what you're doing before you even consider blackhat techniques.

    Go through the CPA Section here in the forum and follow people that know their stuff. Also try to find out what offers or techniques and ebooks they recommend.

    It helped me a lot to figure out to who to listen and to take their advises that they give here for free.


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    What I would say is that black hat techniques are most of time short term income stream .

    So , what I recommend is that you just focus on white the white hat so as to get long term benefits from your efforts . But , if you get opportunity which is done through black hat techniques exploit them as much as possible - but be careful .

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