Forum Marketing: Outdated?

by dpae
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I've been working on forum marketing lately trying to make CPA sales through forum signatures, but when I look at other people's signatures I do not see any links in their signatures at all. I cannot lie it's making me hesitant about creating my signature to get CPA sales. Is it just the forums that I have signed up for or is forum marketing a little outdated?
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    Forum marketing works but it's all dependent on the forums you belong to...some are good, many are not, and some you can't do it at all.

    Forum marketing is one of the bum methods I started with. You won't make a million bucks but it's certainly a way to make those first few bucks!

    ~Kenster :p
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    Why don't you position yourself as an expert in those niches and use them to list build? Then hit your lists with the offers?

    "Talk is cheap, results aren't."
    Results Driven IM
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    Oh wow Kenster I feel so honored that you have replied to my thread hahaha xD yes I don't really think I'll make that much money but I think it would be a good way for me to start out.

    And ResultsDriven that seems like a good idea if the forum marketing doesn't work that well I think I will try to shift my focus to building a list off the forums!
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      It may not get you tons of traffic or all the leads you want or need, but it can help you become an authority in your niche, along with helping with personal branding (people will know your signature and recognize your avatar).

      Forum signatures sometimes help you get quite some good backlinks as well, as long as you don't overdo it.
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    You don't have to expect instant result with forum marketing. First , you need to eastblish yourself as an experct . Just Partcipate and contribute valuble information , I am sure you are going to get some money with it . But , don't expect to get money that can change your life .
    CPA Game Changer - Coming Very Soon !

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    Don't focus your attention on one traffic source, use many traffic strategies.
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      No it's not outdated. It's a great free traffic source but it requires more time and more effort. Sometimes you can get instant results from your posts in big forums.

      You can apply advanced techniques to save your time and scale your method by buying other members signatures (members who have large amount of posts) and also you can outsource posting regularly in forums which will give you reasonable steady volume like the article marketing techniques.

      Anyway forum posts is one of the most targeted traffic and you can maximize your exposure if you applied some SEO, social bookmarking and backlinking on your posts in these high traffic forums.

      Just make a list of some big forums in your niche according to traffic stats and alexa rank or Quantcast and don't waste your time with dead forums.
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    Most people in non-IM forums probably never thought much about marketing things in their forum signatures. I would expect most people at a recipes forum not to have any such links- it's just natural. At WF, on the other hand...
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    I love it when people call anything outdated. That's such baloney. It's only outdated if you don't adjust it to suit your needs. All these methods we all use today online were invented over 80 years ago by direct marketers offline.

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    I Also Think So Forum Marketing Is Outdated
    PPC Is The New Way Of Doing CPA
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    Yeah, forum marketing rocks...its free and targeted.
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