Is Facebook Stealing 80% of YOUR Ad Money?

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Over coffee this morning I read an article a friend sent me concerning Facebook and how advertisers might be getting ripped off big time.

Getting ready to do some ad campaigns with Facebook in September but reading this is making me rethink that whole plan.

Does anyone here think that they are getting scammed by Facebook and if so, to the degree that these people seem to have uncovered investigating their own Facebook advertising campaigns?

The article here:


I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject.
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    I just read this, but Yes, I now do think that FB is stealing my ad money.

    I spent over $100 to get likes to a page, legitimate campaign no sneaky black hat stuff at all. We got a ton of likes..only to find in about a months time 250 were lopped off in ONE DAY.

    If it had been attrition over time, I can handle that, 250 lost in one day?

    I have continued to run ads and have seen, my likes grow only to see large drops of 50 or 100 likes in one day. Considering the niche I am in is pretty tight and the people I am targeting are rabid fans, this is just weird to see.

    Again, attrition I can handle but seeing a die off that large in ONE day..something is hanky. I think it is time to start looking at your Insights and we need to have a news paper investigate if FB is indeed taking our money via ad campaigns and then reversing what we just paid for. Just seems hanky to me.

    There are no real people at Facebook to complain to either.

    Your SEO Diva
    Rebecca in Montana

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    If Zukerberberg hasn't do this ,then now he wasn't one of richest people on the internet..
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    I've never seen 80% not showing up in tracking.

    I am going to guess this user didn't target a specific country, and didn't turn mobile traffic off.

    At the end of the day Facebook is converting great me, and I don't plan to stop using it.

    I'm sure we'll see a lot of beginners saying Facebook sent them "fake" clicks simply because they test 1 or 2 campaigns and it didn't convert. But honestly the biggest campaigns of my life have come from Facebook!

    I had to test almost 7 campaigns, and spend over $1000 to get Facebook converting for me, but it sure was wellll worth it!
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    Greedy, i agree with you .Maybe for somebody fb converts great ,maybe for somebody not so great,but recently have seen a thread where it was provided how facebook shave .
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