Anyone received the invitation email from Neverblue & Maxbounty?

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Have anyone received the email from neverblue & Maxbounty inviting you to re-apply for their network?

I applied for both networks few months ago but got rejected. I feel very strange both companies asked me to apply again at the same time. What a coincidence!
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    I didn't get an email from Neverblue, maybe some bs scam.

    Call your AM.
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    Maxbounty changed their application thinggy so they are asking for people who got dennied to re-apply. In neverblue I'm not sure.
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      Neverblue invited me before when one affiliate referred me to join them.
      But make sure the sender is legit and the link is a referral link which redirects to Neverblue application.
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    We've made changes to our application process. Some pubs that were rejected before (for example, applying without a website) might be accepted today. A large number of pubs are also rejected simply because we cannot reach them on the phone and for whatever reason they don't want to call us. These people can feel free to re-apply again... though they still need to call.
    Signature is a CPA network that pays weekly.
    The largest rewards program in CPA – solely for MaxBounty affiliates!
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      Yeah, we have recently took a look at some past Affiliate applications. Reached out to certain individuals that we thought could be a good fit for Neverblue but were denied b/c we lost communication with them.

      We'd love to see you re-apply, keep in mind that we still need to speak to you on the phone and do the usual checks though..
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    Sigh my maxbounty application was denied twice(tried with other email address) and I didn't receive any invitation from them.
    Felt pity for them.
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    I received a reapply email from Max Bounty but not Never Blue.
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