6 Million Ad Impressions >> How to monetize and which offer?

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if you had 6 million global ad impressions of bloggers and blog readers, how would you monetize this traffic, and which offer would you choose for the most profit?

Family friendly offers only. No home schemes, adult content or online gambling. General bloggers and blog readers are your target audience.

Thanks in advance. Let me know any questions. I appreciate your suggestions and feedback!

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    There are a few high performing MMO products designed specifically for bloggers at Clickbank, you should check those out.

    Also, there are quite a few WP theme affiliate programs.


    Try out some CPA offers that have a wider target audience. Depending on the age group and gender of the audience, you could try some credit report offers, daily deal offers, or possibly dating.

    To get the most of your traffic, geo-target your creatives so that you serve offers for the specific country where the visitor is coming from (If the user is from the US, serve a US dating deal with a US banner, if the user is Italian, an Italian dating deal etc..)
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    Hey, Bonazda Dan.

    I really appreciate your outstanding perspective on this. Very helpful. Thanks for helping me get my head around it quickly. If there is anything in the offline world I might help you out with, just let me know!

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    In this case I would go into some affiliate networks with stuff related to yours niche. Bonza Dan has right - CPA should be profitable.

    Popounder/Popup/Mobile Ad Providers - Poponclick.com
    ICQ: 629601195 MSN/Gtalk/Mail - poponclick [@] gmail.com

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      Thanks a lot for your confirmation!

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    Sorry, hamachi?

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