Do You Have What it Takes to Be A Millionaire?

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Hey folks,

Ya know as I read through these threads on Warrior, I always seem to come away from many of the posts thinking that many folks just don't have what it takes to be a millionaire.

The mind set of a person who makes $100K a month is vastly different from someone who makes $40K-$80K a year. I'm not talking about the stuff that is obvious either, like work ethic or being at the right place at the right time.

I've personally known 2 people who have struck it rich with the lottery...being set for life....right? Well prior to winning the big ticket, these folks were scraping by, barely keeping their head above water. Now all of a sudden, overnight...they're millionaires.

And of course what do these people do when they strike it rich? Spend it as fast as they can on outward appearance crap. The money they just made is burning a hole in their pocket and they cannot wait to buy all the stuff they've always dreamed about having...but never could afford it. Now they can afford it and they go crazy.

Well I remember reading about the stats of previous lottery winners who almost always go broke in 10 years. What the f***? Really? How is that possible?

It is a mindset. They had the broke ass mind-set before they won the money...and they continue to have that same mind-set after winning. End result- they usually revert back to their prior life status in a decade.

Now contrast that with those millionaire who have made money in business. These folks have the mind-set of a millionaire. And they've had the mind set before they became millionaires. Once they finally achieve the 7 figure status, they stay there usually.

What are your thoughts?
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    Totally agree with you there Tyler.

    I believe you must first become a millionaire in your head, before you can become one on paper.
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    "Action is the real measure of intelligence." - Napoleon Hill
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    thanks and glad to see you get it. It's funny when I talk to some of my buddies who actually made it to the top of their game...they always say...ya know..."I've always thought of myself as a millionaire even before I had the money.
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    One --- The correct mindset

    Two --- Massive action

    Three --- Try and try again

    ...and you will succeed and become a multi-millionaire.

    On my way there, will reach soon....:-).
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