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by Modsiw
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Hey guys!

This summer I have been trying to establish my first IM business in the hopes of making a little money. I have been interested in IM for several years, but have never been as fully committed as I am now.
I have researched and set up several niche sites on FB and tried to trade their email for my free report. With FBads as the primary traffic source.

One of my pages: On FB search for "Learn yoga with rob" and click the pages tab

I have been having little success and am now looking for alternative traffic sources. I have now watched( ) and read much about media buying and would like to try this out, what do you think?

I am currently in my second year at university taking BA & MS in computer science so my founds are limited (500$ or so) how would you recommend getting started when you got a good free report, a 12 step email fondle and affiliate offers already set? Would you have dropped FB and done something else?
I would really appreciate advice for you more experienced marketers. I consider myself a quick learner and hardworking (especially with tech related stuff). So talk as techy as you would like.


And in case there are someone out there that have experience and success with such venture and would like to take a newcomer under his wing and learn me how to make such ventures profitable. I would not let you down and you could keep the earnings.I am committed to making this work.
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