how to make money with cpagrip and beta codes

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Using CPAGrip Content Locking with Game Beta Codes:

Prior to the launch of each game, developers provide a beta version to some customers for testing purposes. Gamers all over the world love to play video games before they are released. Usually one has to pre-order the beta code but some websites distribute it for free. By taking advantage of this wild demand of beta codes you can make a lot of money with a cpagrip content locker. In this article I will teach you exactly how to drive loads of traffic to your content locker by using beta codes and YouTube


A cpagrip account for custom content locker (goto and click on register in the top right corner.)
Beta codes of any popular game (in this case we used Gears of War 3)
More than one YouTube account


Get the codes: One good source for that is You can google beta codes to find what your looking for easily. Most websites which share these codes allow only one code download per IP but you can easily solve this problem by changing your IP every time you visit the website. There are several IP changers available as freeware on the internet. In case you use a dial-up network just disconnect the internet and reconnect it again. This should change you IP address. If you are still unable to download additional codes then the site you are using is probably checking your ******s to find out that you have already downloaded the code once. In that case clearing your browsers cookies will solve the problem.

Publish the codes on your blog: You need to make the codes available to the public by putting them on your site which has CPAGrip content locker installed on it. Make sure that the codes are present on the home page.

Download game trailers: Next you need some game trailers to lure visitors to your site. You can download any official trailer from You Tube or any other popular video sharing site by using the website

Edit the video: Now you need to edit the video by using any video editing software. The most commonly used software is Windows movie maker which comes pre-installed with Windows. All you need to do is cut a few interesting parts of the trailers and assemble them together to make an interesting video. Also, insert a new frame in the video which says some thing like "Wanna try this? Visit [Your URL]"

Upload the video via various accounts: Upload the video to popular video sharing sites like Daily Motion and You Tube etc. But you can also utilize a site like TubeMogul and your video will be distributed to multiple video sites. Make sure that you include your site link within the video description. You will also get some link juice from this as well. To increase the effectiveness you can upload the same video(s) from different TubeMogul accounts so that more people visit your site and you make more money. Some people even make money with this method when they do not have any codes with them. They just make videos in which they claim to the have the codes and traffic starts flowing towards their site in no time.

This is a simple method for making money with cpagrip. In just a few days you can will start seeing the conversions come in daily. But please remember that the success in this case depends on popularity of the video game that you choose and the way in which you design your videos. If you use some creativity then you can make much more.
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