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Hi! I'm a relatively new guy on the CPA field, i had moderate success (but success! ) until now with the offers. I recently came up with an idea, which maybe needs blanking the referrers, i'm not sure about that. The idea itself is hardly a brand new, groundbreaking conception, but as i said, i came up with that entirely msyself and i'm a proud parent.

The technique needs a "pre landing page", and a landing page, which redirects the user to the CPA offer landing page. The "pre landing page" works as a decoy. It's not a black hat thing, more of a light-light gray, it makes the essentially enticing offer to a bit more enticing. The method also makes easier to use virtually every traffic source, even the shadier ones.

My question: do i need to use any blank referrer technique or am i safe, because the company and the CPA network only will see my second, real landing page as the referrer, not the decoy page? I repeat: my intention is not to make false leads, i just want to try out a large scale of traffic sources with a more enticing lead making technique. I'm not familiar with referrer blanking, that's why i'm asking this.

Thanks in advance for the help and sorry, if i made spelling and/or grammatical errors, i'm not a native english speaker.
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