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I've decided to devote the next 30 days (at least) to nothing but CPA, as a total newbie using the strategies I learn at Aff Playbook.

I will keep this thread updated and will also be posting everything on a new blog, (including videos) that I'm using as a journal.

The blog is at and know I won't be pushing anything there.

I've been successful in the past in ecommerce and offline marketing but I sold the ecommerce business because I didn't like the niche and I had to come to terms with the fact that I can't stand selling to local businesses and cold calling.

I just signed up with Aff Playbook today and have been going through David's stuff.

I've got a ton to learn but a bro has to start somewhere.

I figure it's going to take me roughly a week (maybe more, maybe less) to get a grasp before I start my first campaign.

I plan to start with PPV.

Turns out that I was lucky enough to get signed up with two networks that a lot of people recommend - neverblue and maxbounty.

There are some threads here that give advice about how to sign up even as a newbie - hey it worked, thank you kenster.

I promise to focus on nothing but CPA for the next 30 days and only using what I learn from Aff Playbook and from trial and error.

I am a firm believer that it is best to follow just one expert - at least when starting off as a newbie, that's what I did when I got my start in ecommerce and it worked well.

I won't be chasing shiny objects in the WSO section or anywhere else, only CPA from what I learn at the forum mentioned above.

I decided to put up a blog (took all of 35 minutes) because I figured that I need to take notes anyway on what works and what doesn't work so why not share it with anyone else.

Plus this thread and the blog will help to keep me accountable.

So I will update this thread and the blog anytime anything pertinent happens.

And yes I promise to post the bad and not just the good.

Everything I experience - ups, downs, ins, outs and everything in between will get logged.

As I said I'm a total newbie at CPA.

I do have quite a bit of experience with SEO but I don't plan to use that much.

Best of luck to every other newbie out there.

Whatever you do just pick something and stay with it.

And yes, I do plan to succeed, hence the title of this thread.

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