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Hi all, I will try to be as brief as possible ....

I'm particularly interested in CPA dating offers on Plenty of Fish, so I've read a lot of stuff on CPA here, on POF and on other forums, done a lot of research, signed up for CPA courses, read a lot of books, etc., etc.

Much of the information I've gathered has been very useful - some not so much.

A number of the opinions from people who are successful in CPA on POF (well, they say they're successful in!) have been conflicting. I appreciate that people have differing opinions, but to give you examples;

- they range from the need to spend a few hundred $$ to a few thousand $$ to achieve any notable, prolonged success from CPA on POF
- their criteria for creating appealing ads differs
- their criteria for creating a successful POF campaign differs
- their process for testing differs
- some say there is no point in setting a daily testing budget of less than $15 - $20. If you do, your ad won't be seen by enough people
- there are differing opinions on how long you need to test, and when you should stop a non-performing creative/campaign

etc. etc.

I've run a few campaigns, but whilst I've had some clicks, none have converted yet. I have made some tweaks which have resulted in more clicks, but still no conversions.

So, this is the process I'm now using for my campaigns;

1. Find a niche with some well-converting offers (the more the better, as if one doesn't convert, I can change the offer without having to change my creatives)
2. Select a couple of the well-converting offers
3. Research the guidelines for the CPA network and then choose images relevant to my campaign which adhere to those guidelines
4. Decide on the wording for the Title and Description of the creative : NOTE - for the initial testing, I'm leaving out variables such as education, drinking habits, ethnicity, etc., and only focusing on gender, age groups and country
5. I am testing with 10 images, each with 2 different texts, making a total of 20 creatives in all
6. My starting bid is 0.61 cents with a testing budget of $15 per day
7. For testing purposes , I set my creatives exposure to 'evenly' as opposed to 'asap'
8. Once each creative has received 2K - 3K impressions, I am stopping any that are not achieving a CTR of 0.1%, and only continuing with those that are
10. If there are still no conversions after 50 clicks per creative, I am stopping the campaign completely and starting again

Like I said, so far, nothing has converted using the above method, so I guess:

a) I'm doing something wrong
b) I'm not giving the testing enough time
c) My creatives are not appealing
d) My offers are not appealing
e) I'm not spending enough, therefore ....
f) Not enough people are seeing my ads

I do not have an unlimited budget, but I have enough to continue testing for the time being.

I totally understand that nobody really wants to tell you the exact offers that they are having success with - or their exact methods - but I expected to have found out more than I have done bearing in mind the coaching I've spent money on. I'm not blaming anyone - I just think my expectations were too high, and I assumed that after the course, I would know all I needed to know.

Certainly, I hoped that I would be having more success with CPA on POF than I currently am!

As nothing I've read so far explains the exact steps to setting up and running a campaign (and I appreciate that people will create and test their campaigns in different ways), I would be really grateful if someone with some CPA/POF experience could take a look at my process and give me their feedback please.

Any advice will be much appreciated.



(Not so brief after all ....!)
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    How many offers have you tried? If you're getting enough traffic and not converting, I'd start there.

    Have a look at what offers others are promoting and you'll start to see some trends. If you haven't already, open a POF account as someone in your main demographic and see what ads/offers are being served at you then improve on them.

    Your process sounds fine, all I do different is bid less for testing (I just pick a number lol), cut under performing creatives sooner (1k-1.5k) and break up my campaigns into diff login counts. I'm no expert though.

    Just keep grinding and switching out the offers till you find your performer

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      Thank you Paul - you've recently helped me out on another post too - much appreciated :-)

      And thanks for sticking with my above post till the end!
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        I would be interested in knowing the answer to some of the points raised.
        I also think it would help a great many beginners to CPA if one or two of the big players in this forum could help out.
        Here's hoping.
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    Everyone is going to have a different method of doing things, you have to be able to hear conflicting advice and realize neither is right or wrong. And just choose what is best for you.

    8. Once each creative has received 2K - 3K impressions, I am stopping any that are not achieving a CTR of 0.1%, and only continuing with those that are
    Personally I would let it run a bit more. I try to hit 10k or 1.5x the offer's payout.

    Overall you seem like you are on the right track, so keep plugging away and you'll get there.
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      Thanks Greedy (great name! )

      I'm getting more of an idea of what the best way forward is for me right now. No doubt it will change as I learn more, but for the time being, I'll tweak my campaign process a little, keep testing, and see what happens.

      Thanks for getting back to me - I appreciate the advice.


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    yeah u first need to take action...set up your campaign and get traffic to your offer. POF has killer targeting and you can test the same ad to different groups.

    It's best if you have at least $500 so as to get some real numbers and gather data and see what's going on. POF makes you pay for impressions...not make sure your ad has a mass appeal image in it ...and you should get more clicks.
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    Originally Posted by toodlepipfornow View Post

    and only focusing on gender, age groups and country
    In my experience targeting too broad only killing our CTRs and CVRs. Try target more laser, you will see your daily spend will lesser and also higher ROI.
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    Post them here so we can all benefit from it

    Working all day on

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    I am currently running campaigns with pof and had to spend over $300 before I made my first penny. Also, I bought a guide on POF and seeked out people who were already making money and asked for some tips. I seriously believe if I would have not talked to these guys, I would have blown $1,000 easily before I figured out what I was doing. One other important note is to have your visitor hit a landing page first. There is tons of ways to do it. Best way is to create some pof accounts in the niche you want to target and start clicking on the ads. Don't copy but don't don't reinvent the wheel. Once you figure out one campaign, the rest will be easy to make money with. Also, use the filters to target your prospect. That is a no brainer though. Best of luck!

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