(Tut) Beginner Intro To Media Buying For Profit - part 2

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This is a continuation from part one found here:


This is an industry that takes money to make money and everyone reading this should know that by now.

If you have been dipping your feet into the water, so to say... then you know that media buying isn't the easiest thing to do. It also sometimes isn't the cheapest. Its hard to find a decent ad spot for cheap with millions of impressions. Actually, its not hard its impossible!

But what I'm writing this for today is to give you some pointers of where you can start.

Let me just say that Buy Ads | BuySellAds isn't the only place in the world that sells ads on a market place. It might be the biggest but not the only.

Today I'm going to be talking about other different media buying outlets and what type of ads you should post. I'm not going to be giving you any picture examples but just telling you via this article.

The first place you can go and look at ad prices and ad spots is one of the most well know banner advertising spots in the world buysellads.com and then AdEngage - Engaging Internet Advertising. Both have their pros and both have their cons.

Pro's about buysellads:
- great customer service
- different ad sizes you can choose from
- bigger website brands to choose from
- get more for your money with the right offer

Con's about buysellads:
- expensive to run bigger ad buys
- not very expandable. Only a few niches.
- extremely hard if you are looking for foreign traffic.

Pros about adengage:
- vast market place with a bunch of niches.
- foreign traffic like crazy! You can get a bunch of mixed traffic that's why you should do your due diligence also.
- cheap to start out

Cons about adengage:
- limited to ad space. They give you dimensions and you fill in the blanks.
- customer service takes a while to respond
- ad slots sell out fast

If I were telling someone to go and test a small banner ad I would tell them adengage. Also depending on the traffic they needed. Other wise it was off to BSA. Although adengage is perfect for a beginner and their are some golden nuggests hidden in the junk

Another outlet of media buys is going direct. Ill give you an example, DatPiff :: The Authority in Free Mixtapes if you go to that website and see the video that is muted or slightly loud on the right hand side that is playing, that is an ad spot they sell. I was going to rent it one month then I found out the price... $25,000 and that ad spot fills up every. Single. Month... -_-.

Their other ad spots like the banners are $300 and its perfect because you can get about 100,000-500,000 even 1.7 million impressions when I tested an ad their. Why 1.7 million from the figures I gave you why are my numbers higher when I advertised? Because I timed my offer for when meek mills dream chasers 2 album was coming out and datpiff actually crashed for several hours so I was out a few hours of ad spot but don't worry I made back just enough

That's an example of going direct. When you go direct try to time it during a certain time period when something is about to happen like a holiday or a special event like a celebrity marriage. If you can get a good offer in front of a bunch of people during a certain time then you could make a killing. Thus why nike is a big fan of the olympics. Nike is an athletic gear company and when you have over a billion people watching the olympics they don't need to pay for a commercial, they have ALL the athlete wearing the clothes!

And another thing that this brings up...

ad arbitrage! If one ad is making you enough that it gives you a 100 % ROI, take that damn money and put it onto another ad.

I tapped into the adult dating niche with a cpa offer that I ran on mobile porn sites and my cpm was EXTREMLY LOW!!!! If you want a tip, you can get adult traffic for cheap and adult offers pay more. But back to what I was saying, I had an ad with a provocative picture and it was pulling me in a 195% ROI and it was a gold mine for me. So then I went to 2 other networks and ran the same ad and that month later on all ads averaged out I have a 183% ROI and made well over $3000 profit. Why did I stop? It comes down to your morals. I just didn't feel right promoting that to that type of audience.

What type of ads should you look for?
- ads above the crease
- banner ads. Leader board size. I'm not sure for a fact correct me if I'm wrong but 720x180 for leader board above the fold. Fairly visible if possible.
Next best choice (actually tied at first with leader board) is 300x300 or 250x250. The squares.

The uglier the ad the higher it converts. So don't hire a designer, do it yourself.

Those are basically all my tips (I have some more in my arsenal that ill keep to me for now) I'm willing to share

If this article was helpful don't forget to hit the thanks button and leave good feedback!
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      how you get your banner and Landing page optimal? just try several days w differrent configuration or using rotating?
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        Originally Posted by SELAMAT View Post

        how you get your banner and Landing page optimal? just try several days w differrent configuration or using rotating?
        That has a lot to do with the niche. Mainly though i test the banner before I test the offer. and yes i will use a rotator.
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    Hi what do you think about clicksor for a newbie...
    PM Me to Monetize your Movies Website.
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      Originally Posted by jutt29 View Post

      Hi what do you think about clicksor for a newbie...
      Clicksor is a good network from what i hear. I personally have an account their but dont feel the need to use them.
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