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Hello guys, this week I started an international campaign, it is a dating campaign, I am running it for German traffic, demography match for the advertising network and to the offer.

I'm paying $0,3 per CPM for the traffic, for the network there 3 more guys paying the same, I tried to reduce this cost but when I did I did not receive any traffic. So I put my bid at the same level than the others.

I did 7 ads, banner style, after spend $100 in traffic here is the table of my results,

AD Clicks Impressions CTR CPM Cost Conversion
Ad #2 14 9,276 0.15% $0.300 $2.783
Ad #6 16 13,03 0.12% $0.300 $3.908
Ad #4 100 45,34 0.22% $0.299 $13.559 1
Ad #5 115 67,92 0.17% $0.299 $20.314
Ad #7 220 68,03 0.32% $0.299 $20.349
Ad #3 110 68,92 0.16% $0.299 $20.615 1
Ad #1 289 69,47 0.42% $0.299 $20.778

My question now is what to do next?, This is what I think to do next, I will just let 4 ads running the 2 with more click and 2 with conversion, Do you think is a good plan.

I also find another offer for this demography that convert more, just a little bid and but pays half pf the one I am running right now. Maybe soon I will change it to see if I get better results.

Do you have any advice to gime me?, if yes, please help me to make this campaign a success.

Thanks in advance guys!

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