Travel Affiliate Recommendations?

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Looking for travel affiliate programs - hotels, airfares, package holidays, car-hire.

Any suggestions please? Realise may need more than one program.
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    travelocity, priceline, southwest airline packages.
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    Commission Junction has lots of Travel-related affiliate programs. Check them out and best of luck!
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      In this ecomony do travel programs produce any revenues? I have been interested in them but due to the economy I have been hesitant to even attempt them.
      Thanks for your insight.

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    been successful with a SAS merchant, Friendly Planet Travel , they sell high value tours to exotic places. If you signup thru the ABestWeb forum, get double commissions. For high volume producers they have a very lucrative payout plan.
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    I am having 50 + city based travel sites with content related to hotels, local attractions, restaurants, night life etc...With good page ranking. (Pr1-Pr3)
    Our traffic for each side is increasing month on month. We are looking to sell links for 6 months to 1years. If interested please get in touch with us on

    Price details: ( 6 months: $22, 1 Year: $33)
    We have city based travel sites for following cities
    1. Algarve
    2. Amsterdam
    3. Athens
    4. Bangkok
    5. Barbados
    6. Barcelona
    7. Brussels
    8. Cairo
    9. Capetown
    10. Copenhagen
    11. Costarica
    12. Cyprus
    13. Dubai
    14. Dublin
    15. Durban
    16. Florence
    17. Greece
    18. Hawaii
    19. Hongkong
    20. Ibiza
    21. Istanbul
    22. Jamaica
    23. Kualalumpur
    24. Lasvegas
    25. London
    26. Losangeles
    27. Madrid
    28. Malaysia
    29. Maldives
    30. Malta
    31. Mauritius
    32. Miami
    33. Munich
    34. Newyork
    35. Paris
    36. Pattaya
    37. Phuket
    38. Prague
    39. Puertorico
    40. Rome
    41. Sandiego
    42. Sanfrancisco
    43. Singapore
    44. Sydney
    45. Thailand
    46. Toronto
    47. Vancouver
    48. Venice
    49. Vienna
    50. York
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    Travel brands so got to be able to communicate their costs and USP clearly to customers. operating with affiliate partners will add legitimacy to a travel whole, expedite viva-voce referrals and greatly increase reach. It may also strengthen a brand’s long positioning in a particularly efficient method.
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    people said hotel-combined is ok but the payout you got to watch out
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    By nature, social media is associate degree affiliate platform -- spreading votes of confidence and suggestions by spoken. Meanwhile, the complete trade is functioning on substantiation plans for social media, however it'll for the most part return right down to experimentation with completely different techniques.
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    I love using affiliatewindow as they have some great travel related offers.
    Contact me for the most Powerful Business Programs that will give you Daily Profit and the predicted huge price appreciation from Bitcoin
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    Travel is such a challenging and competitive niche. If you want to be an affiliate of a big travel brand and make a lot of money from it (I'm talking upwards $100K), you have to be tenacious and do the ff:

    1. Have a budget of around $50K for media buying

    2. Focus on retargeting only. Display doesn't work and you'll be wasting so much $$$$ for zero results.

    3. Select a retargeting company (note: if you need a self-serve RTB with retargeting capability, contact me)


    The next steps are more challenging and requires some sales efforts

    1. If you are dealing with the advertiser directly like Agoda or some other travel companies, contact them and say that you want to invest in marketing their affiliate program BUT they need to be able to let you insert your retargeting pixels to their web pages. This is important so you can categorize the audience for retargeting later on. You get the pixels from the retargeting platform / company.

    2. Get the advertisers' product feeds. Most retargeting companies can help you implement product feeds. Product feeds are particularly helpful for automating the creation of personalized ads that will be displayed to retargeted audience. Example: if the audience viewed flights and hotels in Vietnam, the next time he goes online he will see retargeting ads related to hotels and flights in Vietnam.

    3. Work with ad networks. If you really really want to ask ad networks some favors, do this:

    - Check out which ad conference they are going. I did this with MaxBounty, NeverBlue, ClickBooth and Peerfly. I went to ad tech conferences (ad tech in NYC, SG, SF, London; DMexico, Affiliate Summit East and West) and set meetings with them beforehand. It's great if it's a lunch meeting so the meeting is longer and you have time for personal chitchat to get to know these people better. They will listen to you, especially if you appear knowledgeable.

    -- This is where you should do the ff: Make them understand your strategy to run their CPA campaigns. When I told them that I'll use retargeting, they didn't even know how effective the strategy until I showed them stats that we did for Groupon in 20 countries (this was March 2014, at adtech SF).

    -- You need to talk to them about inserting your retargeting pixels in their advertisers' web pages. Usually if you go through them, it would be easier since big advertisers trust them enough to let them insert pixels in the advertisers' pages

    -- Ask for a higher payout. If they give their CPA 50% payout, you can negotiate for 70% payout. Have an insertion order in place to make sure they keep their word.

    If you don't have money to invest in media buying, you should do some tests with a good product using retargeting. If the product is good enough, you'll have excellent conversions. Then you can have a proof of concept. Then looks for an investor / partner who can help fund the media buy. The thing about ad networks is they usually pay on a Net30 - Net60 basis. If you are a good performer, you can try negotiating for a Net15 payout schedule.

    Good luck!
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    wow, this thread is gold!

    Generally is it more profitable to work on a CPS model with traveling offers then just CPA?

    I mean of course it's more profitable as you get more per sale but is it a successful business model?
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    use hotelscombined whitelabled site r there is also a travel affiliate network travel payouts u can try
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    hotelscombined affiliate program is good
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    MaxBounty has and it's cleaning up right up.
    Signature is a CPA network that pays weekly.
    The largest rewards program in CPA – solely for MaxBounty affiliates!
    > > > > > < < < < <
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    travelocity is one of my most favorite one, but certainly you don't have to stay limited to it, way too many options available in this lucrative niche!

    Good luck man!
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    you have good idea to have travel affiliate recommendation..
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    travelocity as an exclusive network for that and CJ as the evergreen network, both can work..
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    As was mentioned, Booking is performing really well right now. If you're going to run Booking, you might want to check out the deep link tool we have available at PeerFly:

    There's more information on our blog: NEW: Deep Link Your Booking Campaign!

    We have some other travel offers that might be worth a look as well:We've been working hard to make our mark in travel and we're working even harder now to take the vertical to new heights with all our fantastic affiliates

    ^ My Blog

    Are you an affiliate that runs PPV advertising? You need my PPV target scraper!
    Have a Facebook Page? FPTraffic, manages over 1,000,000,000 (BILLION) Likes! Check it out :)
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    i will try aswell with Peerfly
    this offer has great CTR and CVRS according to peerfly dasshboard
    Whatever your mind can conceive and BELIEVE you can achieve
    Follow me on Twitter - @DineroConPc
    I talk about Affiliate Marketing Methods
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