How long does it take to get accepted into ebay's epn?

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Applied to ebay's partner network a couple days ago and no response yet. Anyone knows how long it usually takes to hear back from them?

Thanks in advance.
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  • It takes a bit longer now days... When I filled out my application a while ago I got in, in 1-2 days... But now, when I recommended the ebay program to a friend I built a site for, it took them 5 days :? to respond....

    It might just differ on how many applications are ahead of you. Give it time. The ebay partner network is a lot more popular these days.
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      Guess I was just expecting a quick response like with other cpa networks, but yea, ebay being big and them being busy would explain it.

      Firefox, details on why you can't get accepted (if you know them) What promotion method did you choose?
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    it takes 5-7 days these days
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      Heh, got rejected by ebay. Anyone thinks my chances would improve if I made a site and reapplied? Figured I'll get accepted first and then make a site and went with paid placement for "promotion method", but I guess they didn't like that.
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    They are very choosy now from what I heard. You definitely need a good site with unique contact. They also sometimes drop affiliates without warning so you need to be wary of them.

    Give your glass products the strength of 9H tempered glass with Dglass Coat.

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    Will blogs in a niche help? I have a foot related blog, and quite frankly, don't know if I used that site, or my actual office site when I applied.
    I got turned down, too.
    Is there a minimum time between applications?
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