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Hey guys its been a while since I posted on the Warriorforum, but I have always been reading the posts!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have finally found a BIT (emphasis on A BIT) of success on POF!

I was losing money for a long time on POF, but after tweaking some campaigns a bit with the help Greedy, I went from losing money to breaking even yesterday. Then today I made a profit of $10

This is exciting news for me as I lost over $1000 on CPA marketing in the past with mobile marketing, FB etc..

I seriously need to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Greedy as she has helped me a LOT. Seriously guys, if you are not on her blog, you should definitely sign up because the content is super helpful for noobs like me!

Just the landing page that she posted for dating offers is giving me a 20+% conversion rate! (I don't know if this is good actually, but I am still very happy)

Seriously guys check her out at : [no affiliate links or anything!]

Just wanted to let all the newbies out there know that you should just keep plugging away until you get it! But be sure to do your research first or you will lose big $$$$$.

I am still in the hole in terms of money for POF all together, but I can see the light at the tunnel!

I will keep you guys posted and hopefully I can show more profit than just $10
#pof #success

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