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what is a W8 form?
i have been requestted to fill this in to work with Yeahcpa, where can i get this form from?
im a british citizin how do se this effect me? do i have to pay tax on my earnings?
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    Hi you should contact the CPA network they'll be able to provide you with the right W8 form - I believe there are a couple of versions.

    It's a form for non-US persons to fill is so that you're not charged, and this is my amateur understanding, local US taxes.

    It's not only in your interest to fill this in, but they'll probably require it.
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      Hi thanks for your fast reply,
      i did contact them they advised me to google it hahaha very nice ...
      thnaks for your advise i will have a look online see what i can find
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    Yeah a w8 is a form for non-us people to receive their payments from pretty much any real network that pays out.

    What ever form a cpa network needs to be filled out so I can get paid I will fill out. Its worth the couple of minutes. You might also have to scan it into your computer and send it to your AM if they dont allow you to sign it electronically.
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    You got accepted into YeahCPA...... and they told you to google for the form.. Sound's EPIC professional. For your convenience and to show you just a glimpse of what a network should do for you, try this link... irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw8ben.pdf
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      thanks for the form,
      and yep i was just as shocked i would have tought they have them on file for all the new members!!! haha

      Xtronikz- thanks i rather know what there fore before something bad happens against me.
      so i do not have to fille this with the uk goverment nothing for me to worry about?
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    Does anyone have a list of good and easily accessible CPA's I would love a comprehensive top 10 - I guess I could start a thread on this though.....
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    That is a little crazy they asked you to find your own w8 form. They should have w8/w9 forms ready to send to people.
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