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Does anyone run a finacne comparison site?

comparing credit cards and loans and the like?
I'm thinking this would be a very expensive market to enter???
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    I would agree that it would probably be an expensive market to enter. Also bear in mind you'd be directly competing with moneysupermarket, which might make matters worse.

    Having said that, if you can find the right keywords it could work.
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      PPC might be cost prohibitive if you're on a tight budget
      but you could promote your site in different ways until
      you make bank and then parlay your earnings into paid
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        thats what i thought. altho i'm not very good at getting free traffic at the mo. any ideas on free traffic methods? or is it the same old thing, links links links.

        How can you send mass messages to your friends on facebook?
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          Once you develop your site you could join google
          & yahoo groups, post to credit/debt forums, setup
          squids, write some articles, create a free ebook,
          etc. The usual free promotion methods. It's a lot
          of work but it won't cost you anything.
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              Harvey - You write great posts and those are
              fabulous suggestions. You would do very well
              with a report about it
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