My Exact Guest Blogging Strategy That Generates Up To 20 Leads A Day

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I'm more than happy to reveal a guest blogging strategy that helped me to generate up to 20 LEADS A DAY. With that being said, I mainly use this strategy for driving traffic to my squeeze pages. There are a lot of people talking about guest blogging and I know that some of these people have difficulties with starting their engine.

Once you are permitted to guest post on a high traffic blog it's relatively easy to get consistent links from this blog.

Let's have a look at the steps..

Step 1) Select an immensely profitable niche that you are naturally passionate about. Most people who are reading this thread right now are into online marketing, a very profitable market. It's important that you have defined your niche before you start digging for high traffic blogs in this market.

Step 2) Write a guest blogging message. This message should contain the most important points of your proposal, including:

 Your areas of expertise.
 How frequently you will contribute posts.
 What you expect in return.
 The ongoing value you will provide.
 Additional value propositions.

All high traffic blogs are getting an insane amount of guest blogging requests every week. The admins have no other choice but to reject most guest blogging requests or they got flooded with bad content.

If you are really serious about contributing GOOD content to a website, you have to make this absolutely clear in your proposal. The admin has to see that you are serious and have a lot of value to share.

Bring in points that will make him choose you, not the other 5 guys who applied today.

Step 3) Use Google search if you are in the US or the Ad Preview Tool to find relevant and high traffic blogs in your niche.
I like to search for potential blogs in my niche, using the following two search criteria:

1) "your niche" blog
2) "your niche" write for us

Simple replace your niche with your area of interest. Your goal is it to only find targeted blogs because they will only bring targeted traffic.

There are a couple more things you need to take into consideration to find the RIGHT blogs in your niche. Here are a few criteria that will help you to find highly potential blogs with lots of traffic.

 Review how often posts are published on the blog. You certainly don't want to guest blog on a website that doesn't get enough fresh content on it.

 Review how may comments a guest post gets on average. I'm talking about real comments here, no spam. If you find a blog that has plenty of recent posts as well as lots of comments, it must be a good blog for you.

 Use to determine a couple factors. Find out the Alexa traffic rank for the blog in the particular country. If the Alexa rank is below 15000 in the United States, it's a decent blog. But there is still one more thing you need to consider: When you select "Audience" make sure that most of the traffic is not coming from countries such as India, Philippines, China, etc. At least 40% to 50% of the traffic should be coming from English speaking - 1st world countries. The value of a lead coming from the United States is simple a lot higher than the value of a lead coming from India. Hope this makes sense.
Your goal for the day should be to at least contact 10 to 15 potential blogs a day.

Step 4) If all the points mentioned in step 3 are fulfilled, you simple start contacting the blog by using the contact us page or write for us page.

Step 5) Try to get as many yeses as possible from the high traffic blogs you contacted. Once you have gotten a YES, go ahead and start writing the content!

That's just how easy it is but you need to invest quite some time to find high potential blogs.

Yours in success,

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    Yep, blogs do work if used properly. Thanks for sharing this little report.

    ATTENTION: Do you wanna make up to 100$ a DAY with 20 minutes of super-easy work?

    It's never been easier. Send me a Private Message for details.
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      Originally Posted by Jetmir View Post

      Yep, blogs do work if used properly. Thanks for sharing this little report.
      If you build relationships with the right bloggers you can immensely benefit by the traffic you get.

      You can simple start posting comments on a high traffic/monetized blog for a few weeks. If the admin sees that you are a consistent guest that contributes great value, he will be more likely to let you write a guest post on his blog.
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  • Good advice there mate!! Thumbs up!!
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    Guest blogging is actually one quality way by which we can be able to increase traffic to our blog and also to our squeeze page.
    Best Place To Make Money:
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    Thanks for all the feedback. I will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. Feel free to PM me.

    One thing that I forgot to add in my thread:

    Another way to go about guest blogging is by becoming an active commentor on a high traffic blog. You might only need to be active for a few weeks to capture the attention of the admin. You simple contribute high quality - relevant comments that provide value to the readers. If the admin sees that you are a real person who is capable of providing massive value, you will have a better chance of writing guest posts for this blog.

    Building relationships is key and you can accomplish that by being an active contributor on blogs.
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      You have nicely described everything.thanks for that

      check how I got PR2 quickly for my Hot women blog

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    Nice post on lead generation. I wonder how much you make per lead.
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    In hindsight this is a pretty well-detailed method. I will definitely apply this, thanks.
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    1. what is the "right blog" where it's possible to get 20 leads a day, a blog with monthly 5k visitors or more?

    2. how many guest posts I must write to get these 20 leads a day (example)?

    3. does this method only work to build a list first or does this work good to send the guest post traffic trough my signatur direct to my presell review page (clickbank product)?

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