Best content locking network, right NOW?

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Hello, to keep this short im pushing my content locking traffic to CPATank's content locker. Been a receiving .30 epc so far. Is this the best content locking network? I want to test as many networks as I can.
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    In my opinion and if i may suggest, Blamads is the main and best content locking cpa network you can get.
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    I'd also say BlamAds.
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    you may try CPABeyond, I have heard good things from them. Worth a try
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    Blamads hands down is the best currently.
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      tried blam, had a 0.09 epc :/
      CPABeyond was good too. I had a .27 epc in August. My best offer expired, had a 0.04 epc in Sept.
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        Surprised no one mentioned adworkmedia. I've been with them for over a year and get great epc's not to mention the service is great. They got alot of ways to monetize the offers also.
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    Stop wasting your time. Go for BlamAds!

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    Like everyone else I say BlamAds...

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    Ahem... cough cough... there really is no "best".

    You have to literally "split test" different networks at the same time to find out which one delivers the highest EPC for YOUR type of content. Yes, different content will deliver different results in terms of Conversions. And Conversions have a direct impact on EPCs.

    To make the test fair, you have to create 2 exact looking (or at least similar looking) content locking "skins" - one for Network A and the other for Network B.

    You'd then rotate the skins and monitor your conversion stats.

    I've done this with several Networks and found CPALead delivered the highest EPCs followed by Adscend Media. Then I tested Lead Bolt and that trumped CPALead, but Lead Bolt doesn't let one modify offers... so whatever

    Lesson: Always be Testing!
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