I need some simple insights into my failing PPV campaign.

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I need help: but, I won't share the actual URL sources, I'll give you the overview though.

I've spent about $100 testing, tracking, etc. I have great URLs, the landing pages convert great and the offers are inline.

I cannot convert any offers, I've spun about 30 so far: zips/emails and lead gen offers all revolving around employment and unemployment.

I've gone cross networks: cpatank, peerfly, cpatrend, cj, clickbank.

I have made a total of $10 on the one offer conversion out of about every 500 clicks at a 25%+ CTR on the landing pages on average showing relevancy to my URLs.

Have I over optimized this thing? My pages reload through a .php file and resize the offers and everything.

How are you guys making money doing this? I've tracked, measured, spun, created, optimized and looking at my numbers I should be banking. Is PPV really become as bad as I'm coming to experience it? I'm doing everything right but finding offers that actually convert.

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