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I recently come across this affiliate network on a different niche. Its a private label thing. Once you sign up they will give you a pre-made website,some promotional tools and tips, they will host it for you too for free. the only thing you need to do is buy a domain name and do the marketing. They will also handle the back office and stuff.

I was wondering if there are adult affiliate network that do the same or close to it.
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    I don't suggest you buy that service. It's becasue you can not full control everything.
    I rather suggest you outsource your work.

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    I agree with Marcus, these turnkey systems never seem to work out 100% for the end user as you often have little to no control.
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      There a hell LOT of sites like these honestly and if you Google it you would find a ton..but if i were you i wont go to these sites, its just a rip off and besides it makes a marketer more vulnerable to not being able to learn basic coding skills required in our industry..
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  • I've been an adult affiliate for a while now. Like the others said I urge you to stay away from this type of business model. You'll only end up losing money....
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    If your wanting to White Label your own offer, find out which adult networks have a good reputation before you ever do anything like that. Find a good one, Get your stuff setup, contact adult aff networks // other aff networks and get your offer added up (since you'd be a new advertiser they may require you to prepay for leads/signups/sales whatever you may be after), Lastly, Profit...
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    thanks a lot for the advise guys, I really need that specially for me who is new to the industry. Im glad i came here before I jump right in.

    I cant find the "thanks button". I had to google it "how to thank some in warrior forum", I need to have atleast 6 post i think to be able to see the thank button. lol..
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